Someone says it

we are as a species somehow aligned to a universal ‘function’, a programme whose underlying telos is the manufacture of deities

What is Being? Being is the posthuman. What is the point of life? The posthuman. What is also the point of life? Enjoying life as a posthuman. Part of that enjoyment is found through creating the postposthuman.

All my talk of shamanism, occultism, angelology, etc. is directly connected to this. You need to have an experience of the more-than-human to be able to formulate what the posthuman could be. Just reading about it you’re not going to understand- you have to experience it.

The posthuman is not going to exist in this reality of ours. It will be glad that it doesn’t. A very similar phenomenon when I observe POC. Glad that it’s not in that dim reality that was left behind.

We are POC to the future posthumanity. There are ways to get a glimpse of what that might be like from the latter’s perspective. I’ve named a few of those ways- shamanism, occultism, and angelology. There are actually many more ways, and virtually no one cares about any of them. And that’s one of the many reasons I’m frequently dismissing present humans as niggers. I literally see them that way, in part because I’ve focused on these various methods that allow me to see them that way.

Does it make you happy when I look at you that way? Of course not, and that’s why I deduce that the posthuman will be secretive.

I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that the posthuman already exists and it has to hide. It does not make people happy that it exists, they don’t like it. It’s your loss.

There’s no doubt to me that there are some out there that would see ME as a negro. Part of who they are is being sneaky so they wouldn’t be able to be detected. This isn’t sci-fi, this is real. Many of them are probably in the academy, and they do what they need to do so they don’t get orc’d. They’re a solid 100,000 years of evolution beyond other beings we know of as “human”. It doesn’t have to be that many years of distance now that we have technology though. It’s not fully developed yet, I just expect that if we focused on it without having to diminish ourselves to prevent being orc’d we could close that distance very quickly.

I’m looking at you women too, because you’re part of the problem. Women can’t even escape being a woman, how do they expect to escape the human? Not trying to be mean, I’ve given you advice on how to do that. I suggest asceticism. Good luck disciplining these animals. See, I bet they’re just stewing in rage getting ready to orc me now that I say that. Well that’s half the population so it needs to be addressed. I repeat- asceticism. I repeat- good luck.

I had a dream in the early morning of a futuristic studies center. When I awoke the trivial level that people tend to be on in our culture seemed all the more trivial. It’s not some kind of obscurantism with no contact with reality when I speak of Keter and the descent of light, and the increasing dimness the farther down it goes. Most people think and talk in a very dim light. One would think “They don’t have to be that way” and one would be an optimist to conclude thus. I expect more in particular from white men, and even they tend to remind me of cavemen breaking food open with rocks or something like that when they talk. Grunting nothingnesses. Years and years and years, and that’s the only brainfart they’re capable of. Really making my stay on earth a paradise, thanks.

Back to these living posthumans though. It’s one thing for them to be invisible, which they are to most people, and it’s another thing to be able to sense that they cloak themselves due to the Hemlock Mechanism. That is one of the first things to excise from the genome in my opinion. Everything follows from that. That’s the thing that keeps the studies at such a slow pace. Once that’s removed it will be like growing wings and being able to fly.

This is another reason why I’m skeptical of the DARPA goons who at least vaguely broach this way of thinking. They tend to have backgrounds in empiricism. You can’t understand any of this without understanding Socratism, for one. The very type of posthuman they should be engineering is the very type of person they’d probably despise personally. To put it bluntly, the plan is to destroy humanity. Can I make it anymore crystal clear to you? Those scientists are going to be burned to a crisp. Everything they believe in will be shattered and scattered into the wind. Their life, their family, their career, their self-esteem is all going away. Sorry, I’m laughing maniacally now. For those of us who aren’t afraid of the orcs it’s really easy to do that to people, and I can only imagine what a posthuman will be able to do. “You don’t do that in polite society!” Sorry, did I force you to visit this place? This is a laboratory where we monkeys figure out how to destroy monkeydom. There’s nothing redeemable about it at all, it’s time for it to go. We need to engineer a new species that does not dwell in the dim light. You can keep uttering sentences that are the equivalent of breaking food open with a rock, or you can go with this other option, it’s up to you. I’m not going to pretend that there’s some beautiful intrinsic value to present humanity. We’re living in niggerworld. It’s time for it to go kaput, it’s time for it to be deliberately dissipated into dust, and preferably cast into outer-space to be forgotten. I don’t care if these lowly animals have electricity and smartphones and clothing and soap. That’s not enough to pass the test of whether a species is valuable or not. Whether it’s the west, or Islam, or China, humanity is living in a slave-state all around. Then the ones on the peripheries living in the jungles are enslaved to their ape-genetics and are worse off than the above-stated forms of civilization.

So, I think this is what should be talked about. No one has a goal. Get some groceries tomorrow, buy a boat next year, those aren’t real goals. And you know what prevents us from talking about real goals? That’s the slave-state of the west, and I’ve voluminously discussed the dimensions of this “dome” that we’re confined in. I’ve discussed how all the shiny books about this subject are by nature confined within that dome. If you care about posthumanism then you are a Nazi, so it’s probably time to just own it. All signs from our political order and the 109 others point to the fact that the Moshiach does not represent posthumanism- in fact it represents the direct opposite. It was Evola who referred to “the Semitic wave” as “enemy of itself and of the world” – they themselves are victims of their own out-of-control belief-system. They themselves are being absorbed into the trajectory toward the prehuman rather than the posthuman. Sorry this is the height of taboo to mention- if you want to talk about getting out of the lowly human then you need to mention these people, really you need to develop an understanding of their nature that approaches the level of science. It doesn’t matter if we have done that here to whatever degree, because of the orc’d phenomenon of needing to protect the ones who protect THEM, protect them from being identified as not even human, let alone posthuman. Get how this can get really controversial yet?

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