So they’re framing the new Dune movie as a “crusade”

They’re partly responsible for that too.

Man, that would be perfect too for deconditioning if the movie actually based itself on the book which has various Islamic themes. Framing it as a crusade, Zionism, don’t think about it too much.

Mankind’s movement through deep space placed a unique stamp on religion during the one hundred and ten centuries that preceded the Butlerian Jihad… space gave a different flavor and sense to ideas of Creation. 

“Do I have to wear a hijab in my helmet?” AHahahaha! Has CRISPR made you really equal by that point yet?

It’s just a thought-experiment, no reality is being discussed here.


they were laboring to produce one book, weeding out “all the pathological symptoms” of the religious past.

The enlightenment past too…

Hollywood could’ve really done something interesting with this

writing in the 1950s and 1960s, the jihad of Frank Herbert’s imagination was not the same as ours, but drew from the Sufi-led jihads against French, Russian, and English imperialism in the 19th and mid-20th century.

The main character Paul Atreides is known as the Mahdi- that’s another word for the Hidden Imam. I’m sure that’s non-existent in this movie being released next month in the US.

Paul’s little sister is named Alia, i.e. the feminine form of Ali.

This is where Paul goes to get his visions

“Alam al mithal” is a fundamental concept central to what is called the Ishraqi (illuminationist) tradition of philosophy in Islamic culture, including such pre-eminent names as Suhrawardi, Ibn Arabi and Mulla Sudra. Herbert’s use of it is absolutely correct…

Whoa, have to share this paragraph because it condenses so much so densely

Recall my post on Nominalism here.

Anyway what I was thinking about earlier is that in the fallen west people experience on psychedelics what Shi’ists might experience naturally to some degree. (And use your imagination what Herbert meant by “Spice”).

Click here to see the basics of Alam al-Mithal as it appears in Dune.

From the MENAnet

According to the translator Seyed Mahyar Forootanfar, due to the possibility of censorship, Mahdi’s [مهدی] name in the novel has been changed to Hoshidar [سید]

Like I said, the trailer frames it as being about a “crusade”. Missed opportunity to do something subversive.

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