Sorry if you see a certain word here and all it makes you think of is techies from silicon valley puking, because that’s your loss

If I were on a manmade island in international waters this would be highly interesting to me as well

You have to kind of be a “mean” person to look at the World Religions realistically. The “civilization continent” developed extremely sophisticated systems of mysticism. Try not to wince- THAT is questionable in the Americas. That’s why I believe the two can be synthesized in ways unprecedented in history. One can use the methods of the indigenous Americas WITH the the systems from the civilization continent.

Something strange you will want to note about the three concepts in question here, Sufism, Kabbalah, and Shamanism- each one is “illegal” in its own way.

I think all three can interact in order to reach a higher truth. And I’m not so certain that that higher truth will be looked upon favorably.

Corbin, like Strauss, was speaking decades ago to a different world

This intermediate world is the realm where the conflict which split the Occident, the conflict between theology and philosophy, between faith and knowledge, between symbol and history, is resolved.

The Occident has moved all the way to the side of philosophy, knowledge, and history, as opposed to the other three those used to be in a tension with. In other words, that “conflict” doesn’t exist anymore, we’re in a secular age. Back in the 60s when they were writing we hadn’t gone that far. And that’s why I think that the methods of the indigenous Americans are probably necessary to remember that conflict at all. Furthermore, I believe it is ideal to approach them with a cognitive toolkit that’s steeped in the systems from the civilization continent. Shamanism sheds light on Sufism and Kabbalah, and Sufism and Kabbalah shed light on Shamanism. Again, if I were in international waters I would expect an experience of the “Ein Sof” within the realm of the “Alam al-Mithal” beyond what most humans have experienced if the three were put together.

If you look at the three and equate them with the epistemological validity of astrology for instance, you’re going to be missing the point. It’s that exact attitude of dismissal which leads me to conclude that the methods from the Americas might be necessary to even understand the systems from the civilization continent. This is peak death of god posting at the moment that you’re witnessing. I.e. it’s not just these three that are going on here- neech, Plato, etc. The more the merrier, the more the grander the visionary experience. And I’d definitely throw Protocols-adjacent literature in there too. We’re looking for the peak of wisdom. Both mystical and political- and I strongly suspect that those two are ultimately one.

While I’m far from a Perennialist it does seem pretty obvious that there are many similarities between the World Religions, and I direct you to this “Hyperspace Lexicon” here because I find many parallels between the concepts there and those that I’ve learned from Sufism, and they are framed in a way westerners might understand better. It’s really 8-bit to refer simply to “angels and demons” because there are so many distinct personalities among them. I know people just think I’m a crazy person for saying that and I really don’t care. The west is so far into the scientistic mindset I don’t expect people to look at this as having any validity.

Don’t think of those normies who go on those ayahuasca retreats, I’m trying to be serious here. These kinds of people ruin EVERYTHING, you expect them not to ruin that too?

This is what I’ve called discipline- you need to devote yourself to understanding those systems from the civilization continent and bring them with you.

So- I’m making the extreme case (which I think is right) that people in the fallen west need BOTH sides.

Further, keep in mind that Corbin was a phenomenologist. If you don’t understand phenomenology there’s going to be a tendency to dismiss your experience afterward as “imagination”. That’s because with our empiricist-materialist worldview here nothing outside the realm of the five senses has any epistemological value. That is absolutely wrong in my opinion. This “other world” that we’re speaking of here has MORE epistemological value than this one of the five senses, and that’s a FACT. Good luck accepting that, I doubt you will.

This rando I found talking about this synthesis makes some acute points- even if this is cliche-sounding I think it’s true

Do you happen to be in international waters, anon? Because a little birdie tells me that no dangerous chemicals are needed for extractions, and that lemon juice for instance works perfectly well. I don’t suggest this, obviously. I only suggest studying Ibn ‘Arabi! I do not suggest purchasing mimosa hostilis AND syrian rue. Because once it’s extracted with lemon juice in a simple wok it can be reduced down to a solid and put into capsules to avoid the taste, and that’s illegal, so no that’s bad, don’t do it.

there is a “battle for the Soul of the World,” which is in essence a spiritual battle for the human soul, the dwelling place within us of the divine presence Itself. As Corbin points out, this is ultimately a battle “for” our celestial guiding spirit in the form of our Angel. This is to say that we are not only battling “along with” the Angel against the darker forces that obscure the light of the world from shining, but are at the same time battling to ultimately re-claim and unite with our Angel

What I’m trying to crystallize here though is that having only one of the two sides is useless in most cases. Ibn ‘Arabi will remain as mere words on a page, empty concepts without the other side. And the methods from the Americas will be useless without the mystics. So I’m formulating a “double angel” of sorts in other words. Not much else I can think of that can cure the atheism in the west. And again, phenomenology might be necessary for that as well, so really it’s a multi-layered angel. And the worldly ones look at all of this and blink.

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