So did you do anything today besides break open food by bashing it with a rock?

Sorry, I just had to ask, even though I already know the answer.

Leopard toga, unibrow, sounds like the good life really.

Right smack dab in the middle of modern civilization, one wonders how we got to that level in the first place. Keeping smelly Jews at a distance? That’s my first thought. You allow one type of nigger to have power in your society because you feel bad about their sob-story and before you know it they invite a different type of nigger to cry, and then a different type of nigger to cry, and then you find that you don’t have a modern civilization anymore, only a bunch of crying niggers and people who feel bad for them. I only state the obvious when I say that if all of the different types of nigger suddenly died it would be for the best overall. Nothing is lost, because all they do is eliminate modern civilization. And during that process they deceive you that they aren’t doing that. Another reason why their lives don’t matter and their deaths would be a good thing. Only ignorant people would feel bad about a shotgun removing their heads from their necks. We should throw a parade afterward for each nigger life removed from existence- and that would be millions and millions of days of parade! It would be a wrong to the sewers for their blood to fill them, sewers don’t deserve that- and, we have to make sacrifices like that. Jews look like rodents and their souls reflect it too. They’re eternally jealous and vengeful of the Aryan for not being a nigger like them that needs to live in someone else’s country. That’s not people you want bribing and cheating their way to the top. What we have is a group of subhumans (whether they’re part Neanderthal or not is an open question) who are striving to make whites subhumans like them so they feel less bad about themselves. “Haha you’re a nigger like me now!” Whatever lies you want to tell yourself to get along in this irredeemable society that’s the fact of the matter. Are you excited to be a kike? Really it’s more accurate just to call your fate being a nigger rather than a kike, because kikes are still cunning whereas niggers are braindead. They’re jealous of the fact they don’t have 109 over their heads, they know what they are. They want to make you more like them. Problem is, with their scheme, you will indeed be more like them, however you will also be braindead. There are two basic types of nigger- smart and immoral and stupid and immoral, and you’re on the road to be the latter. I like to hear some mulatto speak from time to time. It’s instantly detectable that there’s nothing human about them. Half-euros are more or less excrement that will be used for ideological slave-labor in the future. Such a good, progressive cause! Letting subhumans turn you into something even less than them, that’s PROGRESS! You deserve it too. Say farewell to humanity, because that’s not in your future. Appreciate it while it’s here- you’re not a pure nigger yet. I’d say you already are some type of nigger though. Even our finest minds. I don’t care if anyone gets mad. I don’t tolerate apes pretending to be humans. Nice try, nigger. Like I said though, if they all suddenly “died” that would be the best for humanity, and I include China here too. I know that you resent the fact that I have Spock-like qualities. That’s the truth. If they all “died” it would be for the best. The ideal is there and you can accept it or deny it. Nope, this probably happens on most planets with intelligent life, if I had to guess. The Fermi Paradox is actually very simple to solve. Planets that don’t figure out how to get rid of their Kikes aren’t worth anything. Immoral, cunning, greedy, vengeful niggers in the control-room of culture and most “people” here only defend them – tell me where the value is in that? If even the Chinese laugh at us you can be sure that the aliens laugh at us too. So keep playing ball like a total ape and a worthless nigger with white skin, see where that gets you.

OR we can get away from all this. I’ve shown you many possibilities and I don’t think most can endure the one that’s crystallized recently.

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