Would they ever allow a citizen of the Great Satan into their stronghold?

this seminary professor considers the presentation of the correct interpretation of Masnavi as dependent on knowing the mystical principles and has expressed the difference between the views of Rumi and Ibn Arabi about Imam Ali 

Rumi’s Masnavi is considered the Persian Quran. They must have an elaborate hermeneutical system worked out over the centuries for understanding it. I wish I could take a course on the above theme.

Rumi was born before Shia was declared the state-religion

had immense veneration for Imam Ali (عليه السلام) and Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) which is why they are liked amongst the Shias.

“You’re really getting serious about this huh?” You people are scum, what do you expect? Less than human, farewell. All you can do is scapegoat the ones who question your slavemasters, you’re irredeemable.

I’m going to be speaking in broken Farsi like this pretty soon

I’m definitely not going to bother learning the phrase “I disagree with Ali.” Get to know the tickets of entry into the stronghold.

“Americans deserve to die in America!” Fuck off!

When I stub my toe or something will I instinctively swear in English for decades?

Anyway, I’m not approaching this in a Machiavellian way, I truly want to understand and not merely pay lip-service

almost all present Shia urefa scholars, including Allamah Tabatabai(رضي الله عنه) and Ayatollah Behjat(رضي الله عنه), was of the belief that it is impossible to reach higher spiritual ranks without the rank of Imam Ali(A) being manifested, unveiled and established for you.

Again, this is like Matthew. So scary to learn the inner meaning of a gospel.

Rumi’s Masnavi is considered by many to be the greatest mystical poem in history, and that’s outside of Islamic countries as well, and I think that poetry is a helpful middle-man for people in the west between secularism and scripture. And Rumi was a follower of Ali.

This is relatable

Watching your country descend into something less than human, and if you say anything about it you’re looked upon as someone they want dead. Why, God? Some might interpret this as some sort of prank, and it’s not- it’s reality. This is really the state of things here.

I just imagine myself saying the wrong thing over there accidentally, asking an innocent question, and then be hated there too. For instance I have questions about the imams like, it seems similar to a fixation on simulacra- why so much focus on them rather than Muhammad and Allah? “It doesn’t matter, we have a stronghold, just keep your mouth shut about that.” True, let’s do some psychological studies on Jews and Zogmericans.

Don’t you ever feel like you’re just drowning amidst all these wretched ones here we’re supposed to flatter? Speaking of simulacra, Jews, women, POC, and pleb-whites are simulacra of human beings. And I’m not going to pretend they’re not. Simulacra do not have equal say in my world of realism. You all seem like half-animals, and I’m not going to be listening to my dog’s barks and following orders from them. You think this is a fantasy novel you’re reading here? You wish it was.

Give me some pointers O poet

Speaking of “not a fantasy” it might actually be true that the west has a type of “retardation” from dismissing the imaginal faculty of the intellect for centuries

Remember “the Persian Hegel” has a book on “the Persian Quran” too. Probably need lots of backtracking to understand all this. I don’t see much on google on Sabzavāri on the Masnavi unfortunately. This is an adventure into the unknown, to me.

Hmm pretty much- too much wisdom will not allow you to have a normal life

Direct light from the Ein Sof will burn your house down, in other words.

I feel like a guard or something, and with me gone the gradual descent into the subhuman will turn into a careening, hurtling downward descent.

Blame Cromwell and his bribers, blame those medieval debates about the chain, can’t blame me. Or you can go with the kike-right that chatters about nothing like it’s in a nail salon, year after year.

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