Have you ever seen it phrased this way?

esoterism is no longer necessary; and that is why all the resurrected Christ’s secret teachings to his disciples have been piously relegated to the Apocrypha along with the other Gnostic books

It reminds me of one amusing point Guenon made, that the New Testament wasn’t even originally written in the language Jesus spoke in. I wonder if there are some connections between the Jesus of the Apocrypha and Shi’ism.

My interpretation of “philosophy” in general is a lot more personal than most accounts of it. I don’t pretend to be a detached, objective knower or something like that, philosophy is normal life to me. That’s why I tell you my self-understanding, which is that considering these subjects is a Greek enterprise to me. Put differently, the imaginal realm is something that I want to make intelligible. That’s why I think I might never fit in in Iran, because I’d always be a Greek there. Still, you can be a Greek there in a way that you can’t be one here.

Corbin here sheds some light on something I showed you Shamir saying the other day

Such an Incarnation of “God in person” in empirical history and, consequently, the historical consciousness which goes hand in hand with it, are unknown to the traditional Orient… anthropomorphosis is essential to the Godhead, but [in Shi’ism and Sufism] it takes place “in heaven,” on the plane of the angelic universes.

So, Jesus seems to lead directly to our present materialist order. I remind you that Shamir says that this is a “Judaic” element that allowed the west to be captured. Russian Orthodox has less of this element. This element is foreign to me personally because I see neech as a secret Neoplatonist. When I discuss rangordnung here it is a secular way of framing Neoplatonism. I haven’t done that on purpose, it’s only something I’ve realized I’ve been doing. Neechski wanted “philosophers of the future”, and I’m not sure he expected that to involve “angels”, or various other seeming absurdities I bring up here. He didn’t know much about Islam, he only praised it as a cudgel against Christianity probably. I feel like I’ve been scaring some people with all this. The thought of Evola being haunted by the thought of Guenon in a desert in a turban, that really makes me laugh. It’s not a laughing matter though at the end of the day.

Try to think of it neutrally. Pretend it’s the year 2421 and due to a string of nuclear wars most of the land is irradiated and cancerous, and that most of the remaining civilizations exist on seasteads that float on garbage and plastic. The ever-resilient Jew has managed to pull another “Noah” and only one “trash island” exists outside of their control. They’re all floating on trash so might as well pick the one that’s not in their control. Maybe it’s just me. See, I have to lose this attitude if I hope to ever paddle a lifeboat over to the one relatively untrashlike island.

And we can trace this back for centuries, possibly millennia. Are you sick of me saying the word “angel” yet? I don’t care, that’s their word for it, as it translates to English. I believe in angels. It’s not merely a “belief”. It’s a reality. The west is confused about this. You are ignorant if you don’t know what I’m talking about here. There are 10 or so other words I could use rather than “angel”. If you want to pretend those aren’t real then okay, you’re living in the realm of materialism with the kikes. There are really two types of Jew, one knows what I’m talking about. The ones in control I doubt understand this. And the ones who do understand are just happy that their blood is in control so won’t say anything against them, thus I doubt they in fact know what I’m talking about.

You can keep living in your delusions. To me, “Allah”, “the Angel Gabriel”, “Muhammad”, etc. are just placeholders which point to a reality beyond their arbitrary names. This is a way that the Islamists are one with Plato. They’ve preserved the Great Chain of Being through this “mythology”. I prefer a mythology that preserves that to a mythology that equates the lowliest human with “Allah”, which is the telos of equalism. Enjoy that, scrub. If only you could understand the futility I sense when I write in English. When you write in that language you might as well be expecting to talk to negros with no higher-order thinking. Higher-order thinking does not exclusively pertain to logic either, there is also mystical-occult forms of higher-order thinking, and this latter the people of the west are ignorant to.

As for practical concerns- they need help with their satellite problem. They’re being slowly brainwashed day after day. A way that we can understand it- the Chinese forced the Dalai Lama into exile. This is what their plan is for Iran. These are orc-revolts that are in progress. In fact I expect the one reading this to be some type of orc. How’re you doing? I’ll be your friend on the one condition that you can handle the stress. I doubt you can. I alone know how to make you more than an orc. So it’s up to you, whether you can handle that burden. The method to do that is clear, right before my eyes, and I doubt you could follow it, being content with all your fellow orcs convincing you that isn’t what you are.

We always hear about “Sufis” and never anything politically incorrect about them – that’s probably not a coincidence. This appears to be a mystical school within Abrahamism which is opposed to the powers-that-be, i.e. the Demiurge. “Sufis with Nukes” – that wouldn’t be a very strategic newspaper headline eh? They go out of their way to hide this about Khomeini, who knew all the things Corbin did, and maybe even more.

Writing to people in English ahahahha what a waste of time ahahahhaha

None of this is real, don’t worry about it, just go back to your normal life without thinking about it.

For those interested in the more elevated mysteries, I suspect that Christian-bloods have to strain themselves to understand an order that is not “immanent-ward” in the way they usually think of it. To the Islamists, neither muhammad or christ are even an Angel.

Equalism and the incarnation of God on earth go hand in hand. No, sorry wretched ones, there is something above you. In the 21st century the orcs have resorted to bots to help convince themselves there’s nothing above them.

While I’m not a Christian myself the idea of heaven and hell is interesting to me. Niggers, kikes, whores, and sell-outs, I wonder where they’re going?

These are some great people, ideal human beings if you ask me. HAHA!

This is something I invite the “elves” to study. The connection between Jesus’ immanentization as God and present-day distance from God.

You thought it was crazy to think of equalism going back to the French Revolution? You thought it was crazy for it to go back to Cromwell? Thought it was crazy to go back to those Medieval debates? It could possibly go back even farther than that, to Jesus.

“Exactly! And I’m a Christian!” So why can’t you love the people only a few miles from you, the Shi’ists?

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