Shamir putting into words something I sense

I wish Corbin would talk about it this way

The Church has to decide what is more important, self-preservation as an institution or preserving the Covenant of God and fighting for Islam with Jesus against the Jews. Muslims need the Christians to convert to Islam in order to counteract the Judaic tendencies of the Wahhabis, who are actually crypto-Zionists.

Most of my readers might as well be “Wahhabis”.

Now that we’ve established that the United States is “Asian”, it’s a matter of deciding which Asia is preferable.

Shamir is only an expert on Judaism, and that’s something we know quite well here so I’m going back to the expert on Islam.

While you’re always going to have some form of state-coercion at least this sect has a foundation like this

A couple of the imams were alchemists for instance, so whether the authoritarians like it or not they’re kind of just stuck with it.

I’m just being realistic as I can be- two forms of ASIA, one is a goblinite free-for-all, the other is a dwarven theocracy.

Corbin didn’t live to see the success of the Iranian Revolution. With Khomeini’s fondness for Mulla Sadra, the Sufis, etc. esoterism was fused into the new foundation again. How much ink has been spilled on the Bolsheviks? People here don’t know even 1% of what the Shi’ist revolution was about.

This seems just too good to be true, almost like a miracle. Iran easily could’ve been filled with those stereotypical “brute” Muslims or idiot-caricatures like Borat, and instead it has this centuries old tradition of gnosticism which to say the least our media has never advertised to us. To bring in Kabbalah again, there’s no doubt that there are Iranian “shells” that surround the kernel. What “they” want you to believe though is that it’s pure shell over there. I invite you to scroll around the Farsinet yourself before you conclude that. As I slowly learn their language I’m finding it effortless to “insta-translate” their concepts into Platonese. I see them as pious Platonists with an arbitrary Islamic garb. Do they see themselves that way? Probably only a few of them do. What’s important is that it’s easy for me to interpret them that way. It’s impossible for me to do that with the “Asiatics” of the US.

In my previous post I diagnosed the problem. Most just stop there. In this post I am outlining a solution to that problem. Most can’t even accept that problem is a problem, let alone consider possible solutions.

You “Leninists” led to tens of millions dying unnatural deaths. Call me a Khomeini’ist- his revolution led to being free from the Shylocracy, and only a few thousand died in the process. Real “third eye” hours with this, honestly. You have to get rid of about two feet of gunk that’s been caked up by Ahriman.

I sincerely believe that the thought of a few of my fellow-travelers, Yarvin, Land, Dugin, etc. directly leads to this conclusion when their logic is pushed as far as it can go. An uneasy conclusion it is no doubt.

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