Academic-types might appreciate this one

That’s not my “bag” exactly so I’ll leave that to you. Just showing you there’s more than one avenue that can lead to the oasis. Imagine, somewhere you can talk about “capitalism” without mincing words!

I’d never try to manipulate you by framing Iran as a “developing country” would I?

Quick, you have to HALP them!

Think they have anything to teach us about the Avicennan trajectory the west didn’t follow?

I’m asking the Frenchnet about Corbin’s interpretation

The West has never accepted a model of thought that does not make the individual the primary substance of thought and action…. The West would embark on the path of individual and autonomous consciousness, which would later make the Descartes and the Lockes possible.

Is Deleuze one of those? I know Neechski is. I know I am. Immanence? What about Imamenence? One of the two is a lot easier for us to grasp. So I’ll show you another way to phrase the “difference” (heh)

Aquinas will react rigorously against this psychic monopoly by granting each human individual an agent intellect and by denying the separate existence of this active Intelligence. 

I don’t think Descartes doubted everything… The I was all that remained, yes, the I that Aquinas gave him.

Moving ahead in history, perhaps the Noumenon can only be known through the imams as perceived through the imaginal realm? The Revolution that they enacted certainly doesn’t seem “imaginary”.

“Stop playing devil’s advocate.” No, shilling for merchants should be what is seen as playing devil’s advocate. And I don’t think I’d trust an “I” that did that.

I’m only slowly learning what this is about, probably just like you

Yet another way of phrasing it is that the Intelligence, or Holy Spirit, is the source of our I.

Over here it’s the direct opposite- if a Holy Spirit even exists, the I is its source. Over there the I is an emanation of that, the imams are a more intense or brighter emanation of that.

And yet it looks like a pretty normal place

Do you see the political implications here? We see it as “Iran” that is a conscious enemy of the US and ZOG. For many of the Shi’ists it’s really an Angel against “us”. And I’m happy to partake in that spirit myself too. What you see on the surface as “Iranian people” to them is a lower emanation of a celestial being.

Notice how you do have to use something we think of as the “imagination” to see that sort of thing. To some of us it isn’t imagination at all, it’s reality.

Another one of the virtues you often see them praising is humility. In this case, if you conceptualize the “Ein Soph” for instance- it’s wise to be humble and realize that’s probably just a lower emanation of the Ein Soph that rises in your mind. It’s likely something far beyond that in reality. And with humility and imagination you might be able to get a glimpse of a higher manifestation. And that too is probably “merely” an Angel that you think of with your all-too-human faculties.

What are you doing wasting your time here? Go on back to the empirical world, the only world that exists, and back to your “I” which is the source of everything.

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