Muhammad is purported to have said this, and I kind of like the way this guy goes about things

“the Quran has an exterior appearance and a hidden profundity, an exoteric sense and an esoteric sense; in its turn, this esoteric sense harbors an esoteric sense,” and so on up to seven esoteric senses

The thing about the Farsinet is that I don’t think they expect anyone in the west to care about what they’re talking about. Thus, I pull the above from Eliade, who has some writings on Shia. They don’t have an “imperial” nature, they don’t design their words in a way for others to understand. This is why I’ve been relying on Corbin, because they write expecting you to know all these background details about them, i.e. they don’t write for people in the west, they write for people who have been around it since childhood.

So they’re kind of like the Priests who know the Basics

If talking about something makes me laugh knowing it will piss off Israelis then I know I’m doing something right.

You should see the way that Moshe Idel “poisons the well” on Eliade by the way (if you catch the historical joke I’m implying). We have our own “imams” here, and Eliade is one of the few intellectuals who challenged the plutocracy. And let’s be more precise here- there’s a difference between scholars and intellectuals. Our version of the imam is closer to an intellectual. A true imam is a philosopher, and not many of those exist in any given time-period. That’s why I’m constantly talking about those kind, because I’m a type of “Shi’ist” myself, just in a western way.

Where to begin imam Eliade?

an imposing corpus (twenty-six folio volumes in the Majlisi edition). The exegesis practiced by the Imams and the Shi’ite authors is founded on the complementarity of two key terms: tanzil and ta’wil. The first designates the positive religion, the letter of Revelation that has descended from the higher world thanks to the Angel’s dictation. By contrast, ta’wil involves a return to the origin, that is, to the true and original sense of the sacred text.

Something to keep in mind is that Eliade lectured at the same Eranos conference with Corbin for years and he published the above 7 years after the death of his colleague. Scholem lectured there too- this is a forgotten time of intellectual history.

“Hoo boy” as they say. I expected 100% of people to fall to the wayside when I started talking about Nazism with an open mind years ago, and I have that sense again with this. You can trust my judgment or not, this seems to be a subject not many “third eyes” are able to glimpse. Again, people like me have a NEED to push logic as far as it can go. The Golden Dawn wasn’t enough, Straussianism wasn’t enough, the list goes on and on. My self-understanding is that we’re approaching the “core” of esotericism.

Not a soul in the west would be interested in that I’m sure.

There are two really simple levels I see. The very fact of being and standing in an “enemy country” of this nature. That itself would be an “initiation”, being there and not perceiving them as the enemy. Secondly, actually being initiated by some Sufi wiseman there. Both of those we don’t have access to, for the time being. I showed you how that British lady was able to travel there because of her work on their special type of windmill? There are ways to get over there. Being a terrorist in America like me is probably not the best way! The hostile mindset that I have was the only way to discover this about religious mysteries. If you can’t follow me here I suspect you don’t have the imagination necessary to fathom the Great Chain of Being. The “”reality”” jews force people to believe here is only possible when one does not have access to one angelic sphere or another. Believe it or not, it isn’t often “me” talking to you, it’s something I sense above me that I attempt to put into understandable words.

This seems significant

So much of life revolves around women in ways they cannot understand. They control the knowledge-flow. They’re able to do that because they control biological immortality. When white women don’t even understand the great chain of being you really start to wonder if their wombs are worth anything. That’s one of the reasons I say things without minding if I offend them. If you have all the signs that you’re going to be a failmom, why should I care about your opinion?

The religion question and the woman question are closely entwined in my view. Once the feminist illusion of equality dissolves you start thinking about what is to be done with this animal. The hijab isn’t a bad idea. I understand I’ll only be pelted with rotten vegetables for saying that here. That’s fine- I see women in a similar way I see jews. I expect people to prove to me that they have a worthwhile opinion. And neither of them can do that. They resort to hiding people like me from the public because they don’t know how to answer my questions. Team Nigger. “Someone knows what we are!” Yeah and I’m not sticking around here with you. Anyone who tolerates your machinations isn’t much different from you at the end of the day. America is truly a paradise for these animals, they can be their wince-inducing selves and no one is allowed to wince in public about them. Sounds like a place I don’t want to be. It all follows from the perception of the gradations of light above humans.

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