Looking around for what else old cannibal-face Moshe Idel has written about and this seems apt for a modern readership

He focuses more on the “ecstatic” side of this avenue though, and I’m more interested in the sephirothic system, which leads me to find this freak from Denmark

Before I explore his thought I speculate that there is a neurological correlate related to the experience of infinity, i.e. the Ein Soph (for starters). Let’s see.

Many of his books are divided into ten chapters which align with the ten sephirot. He’s considered the representative of “okkultisme” in Denmark.

Ahahahaha this sounds pretty good to me?

I don’t know about this guy yet, I’m just looking for innovative interpretations of Kabbalah.

He theorizes that as we rise through the sephiroth we’re able to override the pre-frontal cortex and experience reality unfiltered by language and sense-perception.

Due to the above thing with the slave-girls, and other controversies, there hasn’t been much academic response to Neutzsky-Wulff

His conception is anthropomorphic- supernatural entities descend from above as the initiate ascends. I don’t expect many to be reading this with an open mind. These are the guardians at the gate of the higher realms. He depicts them as pleasant. This is his version of Malkhut.

The following sounds like something I only see in shamanic literature

While all this probably sounds crazy to many I personally understand what he’s talking about. That is, I don’t dismiss him as a lunatic for saying these things.

The above he sees as a test you have to pass to reach the higher realms. Remember, he frames all this with neuroscientific jargon. This is a process of overriding the prefrontal cortex. He thinks the fear of being boiled alive, chopped into a million pieces, etc. is an illusion “produced” by that part of the brain.

I don’t think he’s a mere hobbyist, he knows Hebrew, and he translated Genesis because he thought the Danish version was corrupted- this is another controversy he’s gotten into, pelted with the typical accusation of “fascism”, a really tired story we’re all familiar with here.

One of his followers translated this according to his own system apparently

The main purpose of the Sefer Yetzirah is to give a precise representation of the process of creation as expounded in Genesis.

Here is how a prominent Scholemian describes said text

Feel creeped out at all reading that and knowing you live in ZOG?

The way Neutzsky-Wulff frames it, you’re teaching yourself Creation. Anyway like I said, google this guy and you’ll see he seems like a freak in many ways.

Nothing translated of course. Here’s another description of his interpretation of the sephiroth

mediaeval mystical encounters with angels, demons, elves, vampires, werewolves AND modern cryptid/UFO contact stories with uncanny accuracy follow the narrative of the initiatory path

He thinks how the light descends depends on a given initiate’s cultural background.

If you want to download that Idel book instead it looks like there are 152 instances of the word “cortex” and how that relates to Kabbalah.

at the occipito-temporal cortex and the extrastriate body area. Direct electrical stimulation at the right temporo-parietal junction was reported to induce out-of-body experiences.

He says Abulafia’s method of the Divine Names activates said region of the brain.

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