Trying to follow this thread

Letters on the paths

Abulafia frequently says that philosophers cannot apprehend the name.

The ten sefirot and twenty-two letters are instruments used to unify with the Active Intellect.

There are so many similarities between the Kabbalists and Sufis

You don’t remain your supposedly “autonomous ego” in other words, you unify with Something outside of it. “You” leave your body and see the world through the “eyes” of these external intelligences.

You never really see them say this

This Wolfson goes into more detail on this than I expected too. It’s so funny that I’ve never seen one essay that links Strauss to all this. The cladistics there are so obvious. I wouldn’t be surprised if he secretly planted gematria in some of his books, let’s not get carried away though.

Who is more secretive than this? How can you possibly get more secretive?

This Wolfson book is showing me that the sephiroth themselves are exoteric.

“You don’t know the places I’ve been to outside of my body, goy.”

Yeah and I’m figuring out where you go to

the difference between the talmudist and the one who knows the explicit name is like the difference between the Jewish talmudist and the learned non-Jew.

I study this while virtually all the rest of the goyim might as well be at Hooters eating wings and watching the game – and you wonder why we have to deal with ZOG, it’s really not a mystery.

This weasel says this without translating it

The consummate master of esoteric knowledge must know the “mysteries of the names and the seal together with the sefirot,” sitrei ha-shemot we-ha-hotemet ‘im ha-sefirot.

He says the twenty-two letters have precise accents too that you need to know.

This Wolfson has another book titled Open Secret which is about the Chabad – in other words, the goyim are not a threat to them.

Back to the initial thread though- he says Abulafia gives priority to the divine names over the sephiroth.

Not everyone agrees with him though

According to the formulations of Isaac and Ezra, the sefirot are the inner essence or soul contained in each letter, whereas Azriel expresses the ontic primacy of the sefirot in terms of the image of the letters being comprised within the ten sefirot.

Idel has lots of writings on Abulafia, and he’s altogether unknown in the goyim world

Abulafia compares philosophy and the two types of kabbalah to the three souls, vegetative, animal, and rational, as well as to the three divisions of Jews, the Israelites, Levites, and Priests.

See, they maintained a tradition involving the Great Chain of Being. When someone does that and you don’t you better watch out. You’re the vegetable to them, to be eaten.

Wolfson is definitely a “Priest” type, and most Jews are not like him. Modernity has snuffed out their higher faculties like it has anyone else’s.

So in the Priests’ view, philosophy and sephirothic kabbalah are only the beginning and not the culmination

Abulafia also emphasizes the organic relatedness of the three levels, although he clearly asserts that what is known through kabbalah is not attainable through the other two paths.

Recall my post here to get an idea of the Sufi conception of the Divine Names. I’m not sure if there is a direct parallel in the Christian tradition.

Goys really do look at them as irreproachable lizards that cannot be messed with. “That’s why I don’t admit to reading your writings.” With our own internet and own currency I think we could form our own “Priesthood” pretty easily. There’s zero incentive in place at the moment, unless living under a bridge is an incentive.

Another clue about the higher reaches

the simple fact that the sefirot are designated by the first ten letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Is this too much to take in? Wolfson is on z-library, and I don’t think it’s that difficult to follow, besides when he writes in Hebrew using the Latin script without translating it.

People see me meddling with this like I’m a rebellious angel that deserves to fall from the sky and splat on the ground or something. You goyim are hopeless. Don’t you have a will-to-know or anything like that? Or are you just dead inside? The truth is they’re content in the vegetative and animal realms because… that’s what they are.

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