I just had to take a look at that Wolfson book on the Chabad. He begins it by quoting Bob Marley. There’s something deceptive about that right from the beginning. Do I have to remind you of what the Chabad is about? It’s one of the most racially elitist religious groups on earth. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion, it’s just amusing the way some of them go about it. Wolfson says as early as 6th grade his teacher was a Chabadnik – something to perhaps keep in mind when you read his other books (and he and Idel seem to be at the forefront of their field). In his world it’s the year 5781.

Wolfson is someone I trust discussing this in a way though, because like I said he’s a genuine “Priest” type. Rabbi Schneerson, who many take to be the Jewish messiah, is the seventh Chabad-master in line, and you might think of this “imamologically” in a sense.

in my view, the only faithful and responsible way to present his thinking is by traversing this curvature of temporal linearity: to get to the seventh, one must know the first, but the first cannot be known except through the seventh.

I’ve posted before about how Schneerson’s writings alone constitute many many volumes, and most are not in English.

This is interesting- Chabad, or Ḥabad, is an acronym for a few sephiroth, ḥokhmah, binah, and da‘at.

and their corresponding psychological faculties, nefesh, ruaḥ, and neshamah, the triadic nature of intellect (sekhel)

What were we going on about the other day, fat-storage in the brain as an explainer of their intelligence? Probably need to understand both of these.

Do I have to remind you of Hodos in this context? I hope not. He’d probably be the keenest reader of this Wolfson book.

Times like these I really reflect on the limits of Euro-descended people. What do you have? I don’t understand why I see myself as a scapegoat. You don’t want any kind of defense at all? You have nothing. And it seems like that’s what you want. You just want to be a puppet at the whim of an outside force. I tried to help you have a spine and you don’t want to be helped. It’s crystal clear that the people in question are Jews’ niggers.

They prefer to be treated like that without being reminded what they are, and Jews provide them with this secret subhumanity.

You were just born for that I guess. An object to be manipulated.

It’s better to live in ignorance of that fact about yourself, you’ve decided. Well I’m a non-jew like you and I haven’t decided to do that, so what’s your excuse? There is no excuse- the only honest way about it is to tell the public explicitly that you’re a nigger with no will of your own. In that moment you’d be the freest you’ve ever been. And of course you won’t do that, because you never will be free enough to admit you’re a slave. Have some watermelon, clear your mind so you don’t have any thoughts, that’s a good nigger.

We “Normans” are Talmudists in our own way, at least we’re your friend though. The Jews do not try to appeal to your higher self, they only want that crushed. They don’t want to hear a “peep” from that. Meanwhile, supposedly terrible monsters like me are day after day beckoning that part of yourself to speak. You decided. Think of those psychological faculties mentioned above. Some goyim know all about those, and you decided they should not exist. You’re a suicidal slave that performs lobotomy on yourself. I’m not going to be that faculty for you anymore, the Iranians seem to have more hope. You’re a convinced slave in a caste-system that is not in line with your real interests at all. You’re fine with that. You just want to be a toy that’s played with by a child. That way you don’t have to think too much. The human Jew crime-family has replaced the Christian God for you. Only a true nigger would think that’s progress, and there are many of them.

Relax, clasp your hands behind your head and forget about this, and hate the “Talmudists” who are your friend.

I’m indirectly speaking here about the Great Chain of Being. Goyim have just accepted that they should be told what to do. That’s gross to see. I don’t get that impression when I look over at the supposedly backward Islamic world. It looks like they have a spine. What are you, a bitch? That’s what it seems like. I’ll tell those Shi’ists about my true understanding of Christianity and they’d probably appreciate it. The good and the bad. The idea though of “dialectics” with Islam is as closed-off as the idea of “dialectics” with Judaism and its slaves. So again, you have to pick one, and I’m showing you there’s more than one “Asia” to live in. Maybe you’ll find out, maybe I’ll never know, I’m just the scapegoat the sins of the jews are taken out on. You’re destined to be a black nigger rather than a white nigger, that’s what I can tell. That is to say, those psychological faculties I mentioned won’t exist anymore at all. Merchant niggers making you into a more retarded form than you already are. That’s what you wanted. Some people seem really confused why aliens don’t visit us, and when you look at the world this way it seems really obvious.

And why are you reading this at all you might ask me rhetorically. It’s because your soul can only endure a glimpse. You get your glimpse then go about your day formulating excuses for why you are the type of total nigger described here. Many depraved souls are able to be partially blinded because it’s only temporary, then they react with rationalizations for why they were blinded. Something to do with realizing you’re a Jews’ nigger in the truest meaning of those terms? How sad. I really should be getting back to learning about Iran now.

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