A way to phrase the exo/eso distinction in Kabbalese

The sefirah of Malkhut is the aspect of divinity that is appropriate to the world… The sefirah of Yesod is the aspect of divinity that is above the classification that is appropriate to this world… and the matter of the unification [yiḥud] of Malkhut with Yesod is the disclosure of the light of the Infinite, which is above the worlds

That is to say, Yesod isn’t even appropriate, let alone anything higher than that

I’m still pulled to that Wolfson book. If you were interested in that androgyne idea Bjerknes discusses it looks like Wolfson writes about that elsewhere too. This is their idea of immanentizing the eschaton. I have a hunch that Wolfson is lowkey one of our overlords’ Rabbis. As much of a hater as I am, I still believe that “Priest” type Jews like him are some of the highest specimens of humanity. If you approach them with any ressentiment at all you’re the very same type of demon that you despise. I don’t let the light they descend with be squandered, I simply use it for my own purposes. The Sufis’ jewel-refraction and all that. They’re much more secretive though, whites aren’t such a sneaky people, and what they reveal isn’t something everyone’s going to be happy about. I.e. like he says above, it’s not “appropriate” for the world. “Wait a second, I’m not sneaky!” Please just admit it. (Impossible.)

This sort of device is just fused to their genetics at this point, that’s just their natural arm

They should have been kicked out of the casino many centuries ago.

Anyway, this Wolfson seems like a true-believer in the Schneerson messiah

I told you before, the Moshiach is the human incarnation of the Ein Soph. It’s when the Ein Soph is walking around in Malkhut.

Wolfson’s allegiance to the Chabad is like having public membership with the Jewish version of the KKK – and he’s a highly honored scholar. Just so you get a sense of the double-standard here, and the goyim’s utter subjugation. “Kicked out of the casino, we own the casino!”

Reminds me of this that made me rofl months ago

played a negative role in the economic crises of the Damascus governorate, for their use of roundabout methods to extort money from the population to collect vast wealth

Country after country you can find this sort of thing. I learned the other day by the way that Syria hasn’t had much electricity the last decade- they’ve been using their fridges as dressers for their clothes.

This is one of the reasons though that I find Kabbalah so valuable- they DID put their exploitative behavior and the leisure connected with that to good use. I see it as a system that was nourished by the sweat of goyim. Thanks, I’ll use it too then.

Funny synchronicity in Wolfson here

Forgetting about “that” anyway, Wolfson says that since the time of Isaac Luria there’s been an increased tendency to reveal secrets out of a yearning to bring estranged Jews back into the fold. So again, that can be “exploited” for our own purposes. If you think of the Neoplatonic roots of Kabbalah, it’s kind of like imagining what Socrates might have put together if he were well-off. It also should be kept in mind that judging by the degraded state of their Golem known as the goyim, their system is very open to be tweaked, because they clearly have been imbibing from a polluted stream if these failed human beings they’ve shepherded are the product of Kabbalistic thinking. Don’t try to bullshit me about this either, I KNOW what pathetic state they’re in and I KNOW who’s been calling the shots. And I think that the former is highly reflective of the latter. YHWH himself must be a clown to have created clownworld. And there are certainly harsher terms available that we could label YHWH with. Look at that, it’s an ape in white robes in the clouds!

Did they fall and bump their head or something? What happened with them anyway? Schneerson seems like a “secret Scholem” we can use to understand them better

“Haha, Lubavitch sounds like lube-a-bitch.” Yeah that’s the plane of awareness these master-craftsmen have put people on. A fat, horny, greedy, ill-spirited Jew, that’s what YHWH looks like to me. And let’s not mention the excessive body-hair to go along with it. A truly “odious” god if there ever was one. Is that PAN? The goat, the satyr-god? I do think it is fair to describe it as “pagan” meaning pre-christian, and “heathen” in the pejorative sense of the word. Missed the revelation- missed 6th-11th grade and now has no hope of understanding any of the senior classes, and likes to flap their big mouths during them nonetheless.

All textbooks on “philosophy of religion” totally miss the point, in this light.

Are you a crypto-Muslim at this point by the way? Gotcha! Wow, a woman finally figured out that’s more attractive than shaking her cleavage around, very nice.

“You’re talking to yourself, just shut up.” Ha sure I am. Attention bosses, you need to fire the Nazi reading this! Just admit how phony the world is outside of this ~Nazi~ website.

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