Given that Hoffman’s suspicions about Idel are such an oddity to see in English I’ve taken to the Farsinet to ask about these contemporary Kabbalists. This is an interesting interpretation of the sephiroth

Through that I find this historiographer, and it reminds me that the only real genealogy that’s done in the world today takes place in MENA for the most part. While I have shown you that one anomalous Chinaman, it’s much more of a “normal phenomenon” to see in MENA. You’ll notice from the URL alone it’s about plutocrats and thus this ties in with the frequent theme here of capital writing history. When you have your own bank, as Iran does, you don’t have to worry about that as much.

Just one snapshot of chapters from one of the seven volumes of his study

This scholar explicitly says he wants to make these volumes HTMLs! That’s the best idea I’ve heard from an Iranian for a while, and that’s saying something. That’s how we break the spell over here- the stronghold needs to be opened up via the uploading of texts to the internet in an insta-translatable format.

You just have to be suspicious when you see this

He actually has some of his books in HTML- see his exposure of the “western Islamists” Schuon and Nasr here. Remember those guys? They’re the main ones that purvey the image of Islam to the west.

These two are also the main representatives of “Guenonianism”.

This scholar says Nasr is a fifth-generation Mason.

Heh back to that initially quoted site, this Iranian agrees with Elista’s favorite

It’s sad really, because Nasr has so many English books on “Shi’ism”

There’s a lot to dig into with this historiographer though

Oh boy, he’s talking about bankers I’ve never heard of. They couldn’t have adapted their mechanisms to the new situation very strongly if people similar to this scholar are everywhere on the Farsinet.

He’s aware of the real forces behind the French Revolution.

It’s just never-ending avenues with this guy!

He says there’s intense propaganda launched against him.

Click this HTML of his. I told you, so much fresh air.

I wonder if this is just standard practice and the authors of PC books “know” and only hint?

Their place in the emergence of new imperialism is so great that Hobson described them in his famous book, “Imperialism,” which is considered the first serious scientific study in the field, without mentioning the name “Jew”.

This Shahbazi seems like a very erudite person.

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