The dark underbelly of Iran, I knew it was too good to be true. I need to know more about these people

They must have been connected with Rockefeller, Kissinger, co.? Who knows, they might be sending wink smileys in text messages to Kissinger to this day. That’s what Shahbazi thinks.

Looking for info on this I see this site which bitcoin people might appreciate.

Just a coincidence that these names are, well. That Richard Nephew has a book titled The Art of Sanctions, what a dirtbag.

Good idea, dirtbags are everywhere

I’m trying not to get too sidetracked though- what’s going on with this Ghavam family?

Apparently Shahbazi wrote the best-selling historical book after the revolution. So just think about things I’ve quoted from him so far, what high-profile people can get away with saying there. And yet–there is a line that he wasn’t able to cross. Who are these families?

Glad to see this stated in the past-tense

I get this from this site

Wow, sounds like someone who’s a step ahead of everyone in my country!


برخی از خاندان های قدرتمند یهودی ایران : قوامیان، مظفریان، ساعتچیان، زمردیان، جواهریان، حاجی لاله زار

Some of the stuff I’m finding looks tinfoil quality, this is funny though

It just couldn’t be possible when you find this sort of thing all over the Farsinet

Then again… it looks like an Israeli wrote this very book! It was translated to Persian. This is what we call “precious”.

Anyway, not finding any real evidence for the subject in question so far. Something you gotta look out for though. I think the “ability to breathe” I’ve noted many times is enough proof of their lack of a strong presence there.

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