It would be pretty incredible if there was in fact something mathematically precise going on here

I was just doing a ctrl+f of “sekhel” through one of Wolfson’s books. In the Chabad one from yesterday I showed you how he thinks that the sekhel is divided into three, what he terms the nefesh, the ruaḥ, and the neshamah. Sorry I’m always such a “looking for conflict” kind of person, I just want to know do they have access to the “Satanic imagination” and we don’t?

Another connection for the meantime before we “find that out”

Torah is variously described as the “absolute intellect” (ha-sekhel hagamur), the “supernal intellect” (ha-sekhel ha-elyon), or the “divine intellect” (ha-sekhel ha-elohi)

Note that when they say “Torah” they are often talking about the Talmud. Seriously, I don’t know if they do that on purpose to be deceptive or what, it’s true.

Leave it to a “spiritual Greek” to home in on this like a heat-tracking device

in a dream state, when reason (sekhel) is absent and one has only the faculty of imagination

Ugh we really are living in a joke of a world, and it’s all so obvious, it’s on the surface. People have shit-colored skin, shit-colored eyes, and they ARE shit, and they want anyone who isn’t like that to not exist anymore. You tell me if that’s a good idea. Do you see how obvious it is? How does it make you feel when you realize you’re on the side of shit? Do you think it says something about you? It will be great when the world is that and nothing else. You’re really fighting for a good cause, huh?

That’s why even as sophisticated as some of these Kabbalists are, if that’s the world they’re leading “us” to, I just can’t take them that seriously. I’m sure Jewesses have their strong points for instance, however I don’t think being beautiful is one of them. And that affects the males too. It’s really obvious what’s going on when you look at the surface of it.

Only 1% of this is in English, really?

They really do demand moderation from you. Remember back in the NRx days it was taboo to mention Jews or to say the word “nigger”? They treated Land kindly for his moderation, if you remember some of the hitpieces back then. They literally just want you dead if you cross the lines. And hopefully you have a terrible time before you die.

Do you see how I’m talking about something ontological here? There are two sides of the Great Chain of Being which can be described as Jews and niggers. This is a perception of reality they don’t want people to know about. And why is that? They don’t have an answer. I’ve never seen one at least. “Because the top of the chain of being said to shut up, that’s why!” That’s not an answer, it’s an appeal to authority, and I’ve never seen an answer from the supposed authority either. I don’t think they have one, I think that the great chain of being is out of order and the people who are at the top aren’t supposed to be there. In the meantime those ones want to make sure anyone who could wonder about that gets closer and closer to the nigger side of the great chain of being.

A cynical way to think of the gematria is that “Of course that’s how merchants rationalize their beliefs, with numbers!”

An ape in white robes in the clouds that’s balancing its checkbook with your soul as one of the numbers.

Sure Mr. Jew let’s talk about “sekhel”. You have nothing on the Greeks and Germans in that regard, both of whom are presently in your debt for some reason. Can you explain that one? I’m sure you can buy some rhetorician for your propaganda to offer a pseudo-explanation, you’re good for that at least, nigger.

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