Something funny about Wolfson’s most recent publication. This is just cosmetic for now because it’s 800 pages and I haven’t found the time to get it yet, I just want to alert people to something I find interesting about it at first glance.

Heidegger- mentioned 802 times
Abulafia- mentioned 673 times
Idel- mentioned 390 times

The messiah Schneerson is invoked quite often also.

Yeah I’m kind of hinting at something here.

I’m not an expert on Wolfson, I just want to inform you that from off the reservation it seems like “he’s going through something”.

You want to hear something funny? One of the annoyances of my life is “fellow continentalists”. I can pick them out of a crowd very easily. They all think the same. People probably see me as exactly like them in ways I don’t even realize, who knows. Thing is, this Chabadnik Wolfson who is one of the most prominent Kabbalists alive today is so Heideggerian that it is annoying to me! I’m not kidding, their way of speaking and going about things is so predictable. I say that as a neechen-Heideggerian myself. Note the concept of imamology. These aren’t just “name-drops”, I’m speaking of symbols that represent distinct descriptions of reality.

We might think of Heidegger the way many Jews think of Schneerson today, and who had the higher quality mind? Whatever might-makes-right decides, of course.

Sorry, I just find it humorous that easily one of the sharpest Kabbalists I’m aware of is a “spiritual Nazi”. You won’t see this in any scholarship ahahahaha.

You have to understand that within this equalist order the western idea of “imams” is not easily understood.

Let me tell you something controversial about that.. One of the reasons Heidegger is so prominent today is that he influenced the Frankfurt School and French poststructuralists. He was saved from being disappeared because of this. When I read those two strains of thought I see Heidegger everywhere for instance, even if they don’t mention his name. In our political order people are directed to read those two, and then with much hesitance they find that Heidegger speaks similarly to them. This isn’t a coincidence- he’s their imam, and often hated imam.

Know what’s funny to a true autist like me though? Nietzsche seems like the Keter.

People who descend from the Fronkfut and French schools are operating with an imam, hated or not, that is beneath the Keter.

For the hundredth time, philosophy is something personal to me, so take this however you like. To put the matter in a different phraseology, Heidegger seems like an Apollonian schoolmaster to me. He has similar attributes of the academics of today that I laugh at, something not present in Nietzsche who has much more of the nature of a jester. Is this how Keter looks for the Jews? I’m not so sure. So to speak, it’s a Holy Fool.

Okay I’ll just say it directly- Nietzsche is like Schneerson to me.

He’s the seventh rabbi you could say, as Wolfson describes Schneerson. Count from Leibniz and go from there. We have imamologies among the Muslims, Jews, and Christians, and it seems the brightest one is from the Christians, the Germans who ended up extremely secular, paradoxically. There’s no funding to promote this, only revenge from the victims of jew-funded propaganda. I for one believe there is a case to make about both the German and Persian forms of messiah. If you want to understand the difference between these last two, the Germans have some humor about that, why do you think I talk about him as neech? This is because he incorporates the imams before him, in this context Hegel especially- Nietzsche himself embodies the dialectic better than Hegel ever wrote about. It’s his grandson, what do you expect? That’s what a grandfather would want, one would think. And most can never admit to that. In any case, neech seems to be the pinnacle of the german imams while Heidegger is a laughable schoolteacher that attempts to put him into simplistic categories, and these ones like Wolfson who are “going through something” are so much further away from Keter neech. I wish I could tell you about that- unfortunately virtually everyone is involved in a plot to make sure ignorance prevails.

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