It makes me laugh so much, the thought of some of my readers wondering “Should I go to the desert?” Maybe you should? I wouldn’t want to go there with the “hipsters” from my generation. Life isn’t a joke to me, or something to be ironic about. I’d only want to cross the desert with those who are as gravely serious as me. Thus, expect to do that alone.

I remember one Christian guy from years ago, he was a truth-seeker, pretty cool overall in my opinion. You should just understand that there is a desert they won’t traverse, so to speak. This is the “grilling” type that just wants to lay low and live a more or less normal life. That’s fine. If you present yourself as a truth-seeker though that has the effect of concealing upper-worlds. Whatever, he’s probably happier than I am now, so that counts for something. This is what we call “grift” and you can look at it in good ways and bad.

I just want you to honestly ask yourself if you could ever accept it if a real “desert” exists between you and genuine Sufis. Because to me that is a reality. The Kabbalists and Christians hide this.

What better sign is there anyway? They don’t let Americans in their country. As with everything, the profound truths are right on the surface.

I don’t care to talk to you. You’ve never proven you’re worthy of being talked to. And that’s the sad fact of those on this side of the desert. Look at that, it’s a sell-out with no dignity who is either going to hell when they die or already is living in hell.

I try my best to go about with an amor fati attitude and it isn’t easy by any means. For instance, living in the US is the “reason” why I realized I should leave here. Try to do that yourself. Yeah.. all these gutter-mammonites I’ve had to deal with are “justified” in some way because they led me here. I guess that works?

Like I’ve said though, speaking in English is something that would cause any normal person dismay. The chances are close to 100% that there’s no one willing to cross the desert. I’m already on the other side in a sense. It’s just a matter of letting go of my fake “friends” from the English-speaking world. They’re not too happy when you show them how much of a nigger they are. Even talking to you here it pains me to speak to such a fallen demon who is only capable of revenge when the great chain of being is detailed. I’ve already crossed the desert, even if I still unfortunately live in the US.

That’s one thing you’ll hear from a white and not a Shi’ist about their version of the chain- the words of Jews and Baizuo mean nothing next to the words of the Imams. They seem pretty wise too. Not like it’s very difficult to be wiser than a modern jew or baizuo. Even if you ultimately disagree with one imam or another on some pedantic matter, the fact is they allow for a “patch” in which you can criticize the jews and baizuo all you want and find friendly faces in institutions when you do so. In other words, I’m trying to address my irony-poisoned generation and tell them there IS in fact a desert, both literal and symbolic, that can be traversed–that is, if you can survive. It isn’t just a mythology, it’s real. There’s a normal society on our very earth that allows you to fight these demons without being socially or physically eliminated for doing so.

Again, isn’t it only demons I talk to when I speak in English? What are you doing? I always try to appeal to the fragment of your soul that still has light that hasn’t been snuffed out, and every day I doubt more that even exists.

I am on the other side of the desert in spirit, and you can try to get there yourself, only if you are willing to give up several illusions.

Then I think of that Christian from years ago. Keep your head down, grill, be a servant in the Jewish order. Whether you want to accept there’s an alternative or not I only seek to show my fellow Christians that one does exist, and further that it does not seem to conflict with the tenets of the ur-west.

“There’s no point in talking to them, they’re rooted to the depravity here, they’re not beings of the air.” And once again my angel gives me better advice than any human.

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