I feel like I’ve finally broken free from the matrix. Something I’ve aspired to do since I was a teenager. Expectedly, most people will be left behind. For someone like me who’s constantly going off about subhumans, it should really make you stop and think when I say that on the Farsinet I’m constantly seeing humans. They must have the right ideological recipe somehow, and I’m trying to figure out exactly what it is

Like I was talking about last night, “the desert” is part of our cultural mythology here. We have suspicion there’s something to be found there. I don’t think it’s just mythology. No one bothers to see if there really is something “if you manage to cross it”. The reason that is is because no one wants to try to cross it! You can’t make this stuff up. The last few years have felt so much worse than crossing a desert. That’s fine, I’m on the other side now. A little sun burnt here and there ahahahaha. Delirious? No.

Our teaching is arduous; the only ones who can withstand it are… an initiated one whose heart has been tested by God for faith.

It’s pretty perfect that it’s the year 1400 there, because that’s around the time A.D. just before things started to go really wrong in the west. Machiavelli thought human will could control the cycles of history, and I think he was right in a way that he never would have expected. Going to a place where the Chain hasn’t “snapped” so to speak. And they have electricity and internet too…

You just let them walk all over you huh?

Israel is the chief symbol on earth of Christian capitulation and renunciation of their revelation.

Starting to understand this?

Who wouldn’t like this guy?

How many times has God exiled them now? They should be exiled from the realm of the living itself. It explains everything about the US when you realize this is the latest place they’ve been exiled to.

Jews having dominion of the Holy Land means all your goyim beliefs are null and void. This goes for many philosophy-people too- how many of our favorite thinkers emerged from a Christian culture? I’m interested to ask some of these Muslims about subtle ways in which some of my favorites are Christian that I don’t realize because Christianity it’s so one with everything in the west. We often forget that giving them Israel was a way of bowing to YHWH, and not even to the god of “our” Old Testament, rather to the god of the Talmud and Kabbalah which is a totally alien culture to goyim, most of it only having been translated in the last few decades. You’ve been conned! The disciples of the Magi are another story.

It’s one thing to “reach Nirvana” which I feel like I have to some degree in the last year or so through writers like Choinski, Lutostansky, etc. (i.e. political emancipation is one with religious emancipation), and it’s quite another thing to realize what to do once that has been reached. The problem is understood. The solution is still being developed. That seems to revolve around the land of the Magi. I can’t shake the feeling that I am still going to be in the matrix as long as I continue to be on US soil. There seems to be a border that is spiritual as well as geographic that needs to be crossed. Further, there’s a language border as well that’s connected with that. I relate to Corbin in seeing no “rupture” in my thinking- it’s a smooth line that goes from Germany to Iran. I doubt many people will understand that it seems like one of the only philosophical paths available, and only sophists will not get that. Syria and Lebanon are other options, it’s just that due to their closer proximity to the Holy Land I have doubts about the longevity of their stability. If I saw people speaking in English the way they frequently do on the Farsinet then my misanthropy would disappear immediately. The paradox and irony abounds with all this- we think we’re the free ones here when the reality is that we live with a tyrannically strict religion, whereas! it is clear that the Iranians are more philosophical than us. We’re taught to believe the direct opposite.

One of the major obstacles I see for exit-enthusiasts is the imamology, understanding that on a rational level, which seems like a prerequisite for westerners. And there seem to be ways of going about that

Some translate ‘aql as “intellect”.

Jewish slaves are born what they are and they’ll die what they are, they do not have ‘aql in any real sense. And us non-imams can only hope for some semblance of it.

I hardly ever see Iranians saying anything about the imams anyway. This is just the background to understand their worldview. Usually I see them quoting Muhammad, almost always in ways that I find difficult to disagree with, much like when people quote Jesus, OR I see them invoking Khomeini, whose political actions are something else I find difficult to disagree with. In other words, there’s no kind of superstitious leap of faith that I’m detecting so far. And THAT cannot be said about our blank-slatists who “trust the plan” of the merchant kikes whose doctrines explicitly talk about hating goyim and wanting them dead. So you tell me who the superstitious one is of the two. Can Jews’ niggers even think clearly at this point? I highly doubt it!

Anyway I’ve renewed this URL for another year and my goal is within that year to be more or less fluent in Farsi and not be living in the US anymore, so we’ll see how that plays out. I have zero hopes for others escaping the matrix, I’m mostly writing here as a personal journal to understand my own thoughts better. The people here are beyond pathetic, and they are literally total niggers without any dignity or integrity. So you thought you wanted to “live without illusions”? Sorry if these implications aren’t something that makes you happy.

the seventh imam, Mūsā al-Kāẓim outlines… ‘aql as a faculty for apprehending the divine… (identified with basar, interior vision), a “light” (nur) located in the heart, and through which one can discern and recognize signs from God.

They see ‘aql as both exterior and interior, i.e. there is an imam within you.

Yes, that’s the word to use- the typical person in the west is incredibly ignorant, and the kike-right seems not very far from them

I know I will not miss the shrews one bit. Talk about people who are ignorant. They live in denial of the Chain, and they live in denial of God, because the Chain IS God. If they can’t even accept that certain humans know better than them they’ll never be able to understand something higher than humans. In other words they lack ‘aql.

Depending on the context, [‘aql] is translated by “reason,” “intellect,” “faculty of dialectical reasoning,” “discernment,” and so on.

It’s for perceiving both the rational and the suprarational. It’s also known as “hiero-intelligence”. Recall the Avicennan trajectory in this context. This is a faculty for perceiving the Chain, among other things. Yup, and when you have that you do want to donate missiles to the cause of removing conniving cut-throat merchants from the Holy Land.

I showed you that old man Evola said it was the Shi’ists who continued the unbroken line of esoteric initiation in the modern world. Coincidence?

My goal is for them to throw me into a dungeon for understanding their religion better than them! That will of course take some time, and I intend to be humble during that process. What I do know is that I understand the “religion” of the west better than the west does, and if you were like me you’d be studying Shi’ism too. What’s wrong anon, you don’t want to crawl across a desert? That might be required for initiation, who knows, I’ve tried to do that part of it for you at least. If you ARE someone with ‘aql then here is a better version of a PDF I’ve linked to before.

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