The Kabbalistic system really is helpful for understanding Islam

According to philosophers, contrary to mystics, intellect is the first creation of God… The first being that emanates from the unit is the intellect

They call it the Angel Gabriel. Whichever one suits you, really. I often think of it as “Gnosis”.

Let’s bring Bjerknes’ model into this again

Gnosis is a sephirah above Chesed.

Jews have their own “angel” that they refract to the goyim.

I personally, and Shi’ists, seem to have a relation to this Gnosis that isn’t refracted by the Jews. Interestingly, contemporary Greeks have high-rates of antisemitism, so we might say they have unfiltered access to the logos, another term you can use to describe it.

Sometimes the Farsinet can articulate it in understandable ways similar to Corbin

this type of love is opposed to possessive love… Avicenna seeks to define and explain the love of the celestial soul as similitude love. In such love, the lover tries to make himself look like the beloved with all his being.

When the Gnosis is refracted through Jews then unsurprisingly you look like a Jew yourself. Not like there’s anything wrong with that! Some jewels definitely don’t have darkened colors which betray an absence of light wink wink.

Put differently, what I call the “egregore” IS Gnosis, it just wears Jewish garments. It looks differently with neechen garments for instance.

This is poetic

Suhrawardi believes that the truth of the poor lover is to pay attention to the beloved, so the moon is fast; Because the crescent of the moon continued this path continuously to get out of the crescent and reach the point of being full, and as a result, to make itself look like the sun.

Many goyim really are “full jews”. God, I love to be so insulting.

Anyway, I have my own Gnosis which I feel like a mere crescent next to, and I do try to “emulate” it I guess you could say, if you wanted to speak anthropomorphically. Even if a shining full moon isn’t the sun, it’s the best we humans can do.

Look at this, a Farsi HTML on Aquinas and Avicenna’s contrasting views on angels. To them this was a rational, scientific field of study. Just think of it as talking about logos, you don’t have to bring the wings and halos into it.

The secret is that people love the Jew refraction. They hate the unfiltered Gnosis.

If you want to get into even more precise details, the Jews themselves love a refraction above them as well which is filtered. And I even mean to place Priests like Wolfson among them in this.

Which is to say that, at the very least, the goyim are living with a double-refracted Gnosis.

The angel above their egregore is not something the Jews are fond of at all. In fact they design their totalitarianism to keep that angel out of their awareness. Hence why they’re playing the satellite game on Iran, because they are living representatives of that angel.

Now people with ‘aql, i.e. an intuitive rangordnung-thinking, may be wondering if there is an angel above this angel too. I would say yes. Only in rare moments do I sense it. So in other words there’s the goyim with their gnosis refracted through the Jews, then there’s the Jews with their gnosis refracted through the egregore, then there’s people like me and the Shi’ists with our gnosis refracted through our respective angels. You have to be humble to think about things in this way. I’m aware of my limits as a human, and like I said, it’s only a rare occurrence when I glimpse through that refraction to an even higher gnosis. And I doubt I’ve truly seen the “face of God” in my life. What I do know is that the egregore is not the face of God. That’s because I know that it’s not even an angel. You have to have serious ‘aql to follow this.

Anyway, it seems crystal-clear that in Iran the people are living with a gnosis that is at least twice removed from the goyim in the US. No, it’s not “free from refraction” there, it IS less refracted though, i.e. closer to the “Ein Soph” in the Great Chain of Being. And this is another illegal theological debate we can have- the question of whether Shi’ists and Jews are “equals”. Because arguably they are closer to equals than Jews and US goys are. Like I’ve said before, you have to pick your refraction, and the Shi’ists’ isn’t perfect either. What the egregore seems to me is the “face of the devil” and the Shi’ists’ egregore seems at least CLOSER to the “face of God”. If you want to continue Suhrawardi’s thinking above and frame it in solar system terms, the Jews’ egregore is Saturn, and the goyim-moon emulates Saturn rather than the Sun, whereas the Shi’ists’ egregore is Venus, which, while not the Sun is at least closer to the Sun than Saturn.

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