Oh great, yet another name to add to this puzzle of the “lost continent”

I think anyone interested in epistemology in general would want to know more about this. Anyone interested in cosmology really, since it’s another REALM that they postulate. For some sort of reference remember that alam al-mithal is where the visions in Dune take place.

Someone on a Dune forum says this and I think they’re pretty accurate

However, the idea of a place between matter and spirit is unusual, and doesn’t fit neatly into typical Judeo-Christian concepts.

You might think of an anomaly like Swedenborg. Yeah, that’s what it is- an anomaly. I speculate this faculty in westerners is atrophied at best, and in many cases is probably similar to how certain races can’t understand calculus.

This also is a form of “calculus” that goyim do not understand

It’s really a dirty trick to demonstrate this. It is an attempt to snap THEIR chain of command. Part of that is understanding this “Sufi” calculus. So in other words, there are two forms of calc that whites don’t seem to be able to grasp very well. To grasp Jewish calc isn’t enough, because you still live in their patch with the zombies that do not grasp it like you do- after that, you need to learn Sufi calc so you can live in a stronghold where this Jewish calc is understood. And no, I do not think most Sufis understand elven calc, and if they want to learn we can show them. For now the main objective is getting away from the Kabbalist mind-control and its zombie-army. The wars of Abraham’s children have not ended!

Practically speaking, ever since I started learning about this middle eastern mysticism I’ve been having recurrent light visions. Nothing too crazy yet, just relaying the fact that all it takes is for you to focus on the subject and you’ll gradually learn how to use the faculty in question. If you focus on netflix instead then well you’re probably one of the zombies I speak of.

the suspended images cause a major disruption in ontology. Whereas before, philosophers thought there were three different kinds of things, Suhrawardī now says that we have been overlooking a fourth kind, suspended images.

This is my favorite kind of epistemology- the kind that upsets that powers-that-be.

“They’re superstitious camel-riders! There’s a there’s a suicide-bomb under their turban!”

The Greeks in the light of a Revelation unknown to the west

the term “images,” muthul, may make one think that these images are Platonic Forms. They are not, and Suhrawardī says so by arguing that “Platonic Forms are luminous and fixed, while these suspended images are dark and illumined.” Suhrawardī means here that Platonic Forms are immutable, universal forms, whereas suspended images take on particular shapes.

Reactionaries only wish there was a cladistic version of Christianity that politically resembled Shi’ism. Inb4 you say it, Russia is Netzach below Chesed as well. Only grifters will tell you otherwise. Two forms of “calc” they don’t want to bother to learn because they’re content being surrounded by frauds like them. Facts! We “white priests” have dealt with this pleb-white for many any eon. There is no hiding from us, so they hide us instead.

The difference between this and “calc” though is that knowing calc won’t prevent you and your family from being mentally enslaved, wow! what a difference that is. Who cares about that though right? Better to be a grifter in denial. Nigger! Where is my genetic study of castes, please scientists do this for me.

Anyway this is the kind of thing I want to learn

people who are especially well prepared can be in control over which suspended image they are experiencing. Suhrawardī uses the Sufi term “station” (maqām), saying that such people are in a special station called “Be” (kun), which I take to be a reference to the verse in the Koran (Q 3:47) that says “God is like that: He creates what He wills. When He decrees a matter, He only says ‘Be’ to it, and it is.”

So, apply this idea to the Hidden Imam now. He “lives” in this world of suspended images which is technically speaking not the realm of the forms. And my sense is that most of them don’t even see it in this western-outsider way because it’s simply first nature to them. They are in the station called Be, and to them the Hidden Imam is. Of course there are normies there that only say they are Shi’ists to avoid trouble. This is just a subtle side of how they have a patch which challenges the occupiers of the Holy Land, i.e. many must believe it if it’s still standing.

It’s a curse to know this one calc and not the other, a limbo-zone it seems to be. I’m surprised I’m the first JQ-understander I know of to discuss this other one, which seems interlinked. Sharpening a certain faculty of the intellect in order to be able to live in the world of “their” ancient enemy – who ever would have expected all this?

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