I was not expecting to find this in that Babylonian Woe book, he’s going to have to convince me

Just starting with the surface–geography–it doesn’t seem like much of a groundless speculation to wonder if they were in Greece too given that there is evidence they began east of there in Babylon and evidence they had a powerful presence west of there in the Rome of Cicero’s day. People always talk about the fact THAT their second temple was destroyed and never WHY it was.

Not to get too conspiratorial- if we think of them as “the real Napoleon”, they could’ve easily fudged and disappeared even some of Plato’s dialogues over the last two centuries. I’m looking for EXTANT evidence though, so we’ll see if this book provides that. If nothing else, this self-published work is written in an inspired tone reminiscent of Carlyle’s.

He says there were mining operations to extract precious metals from the earth in Europe as far back as the 8th century BC, extending from the Syrian region all the way west to Spain and all the way north into Romania. If you recall my previous post on this book, UR-usury and slavery went together in the sense that slaves were required for mining. He cites this 1922 book that discusses ancient mining, if you are interested in this connection.

I’m always on the look-out for evidence to substantiate that Cicero (106-43 B.C.) statement

Is this some kind of “nose joke” on this artifact? Never!

See, this is what we need a “study center” for, because I can’t go through all these pages and citations that point to other books by myself. I for one would like to understand the true history of capitalism, the true history of the origins of our present plutocracy.

This self-published guy is awesome- here is he quoting Tacitus, just peak cynical behavior with him

What has been transmitted to us concerning Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius and Nero, cannot be received without great distrust.

Put in place policies that oppose the Babylonian cabal then the real tyrants make sure YOU go down in history as the tyrant, nothing personal kid. Jewesses just read this and paint their fingernails – “Problem?” Yeah, all your cursed nose-goblin people are good at is control, not what they do once they have control. That is a problem. We’d have one of those sci-fi countries of the future by now without you.

Ugh, just the thought of all the whores, niggers, cowards, and kikes who don’t even get the thinnest slice of the pie from these capital-monopolists ganging up on me repeatedly because they at least get the continued green light to pursue lives of shameless vice for obfuscating voices that oppose them. Truly disgusting people. It’s animals with clothes that can speak English, that’s the reality. You live in darkness and your descendants will live in darkness, because that’s what your freewill chose.

So happy though that this Babylonian Woe book led me to an older one similar to it. I always think that I already “found em all”. God bless Iran too- leave it to the general birthplace of civilization to know best how to safeguard against these demons in human flesh.

This book is up there with Goodson’s. He’s talking about how ARISTOTLE was married to the niece of one of these banker-tyrants, and that these “Babylonians” funded Alexander’s conquests. Expect to read that today??

I began this post highly skeptical and now that I’ve scrolled through a few dozen pages of this book and let’s just say (to pun on Aristotle) I’m in a sense of wonder at the moment!

Apparently they might have been enmeshed in Sparta’s economy as well

the real underlying purposes of the “Great” Peloponnesian war was to establish private common money market across the Greek world totally controlled by the trapezitae or bankers in modern terminology.

I saw him hinting something about the fall of Troy too… which briefly gave me a feeling like I might vomit. All of it a lie? The behind-the-scenes of it hidden?

Among other sources he frequently draws on those clay tablets, and voices the suspicion like I have that he wants the rest translated. Suffice it to say it’s really obvious why this had to be self-published.

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