I instinctively go to the Rusnet to ask about this Lurian Vital

“Etz-Chaim”, that’s another spelling of the so-called Talmud of the Kabbalists (there are lots of English renderings of the title, which makes things somewhat confusing).

Here is the title of this forum, which runs to 25 pages

Oooh so this is like a proto-Tanya

The first answer to the question is a neurotically hostile Yid. I’ve observed this phenomenon many times on Russian forums concerning secret Jewish books- always a Jid waving their arms creating smoke and mirrors.

If you didn’t take a look at that secondary text that brings Tishby into the mix this stuff gets pretty sophisticated, you’d be surprised. I agree that most goyim won’t understand- I don’t think it should be SECRET though.

Without google translate we’d be so in the dark about all this. Just taking my viking ship to the Holy Land, I heard rumor that Jewesses have a fetish for being raped and murdered, is that true?

Jews are only a population of 160,000 among some 146 million Russians and they’re seriously always all over these kinds of forums. This here makes me laugh

Don’t they teach in Russian schools that Lenin was a GERMAN agent? Chesed is above Netzach and all that. There’s probably a Chabad office in Moscow funded by the state to patrol the internet. Fuck Putin, the Khomeini’ists are the real deal. These forum kikes definitely proceed as if they’re speaking to “Stupid Ivans”, and they’re often mocked. All this one Jid can do in defense is share a 7 page snippet from Vital. So tell me more about this lurid Lurian!

This emoji he ends this statement with is making me laugh

We haven’t grown to the level of understanding why goyim blood should be a Jewish drink.

This is really disturbing

The last couple years I’ve noticed the sparks pulled out of many people…

Anyway I wonder if their number-magic can tell us anything about this subject

You can see for yourself here– just 25 pages of pingponging from the Jid crew, distraction after distraction. I just wanted to learn about the sephiroth from Vital, I wasn’t looking for this cannibalism theme (once again).

See I want to find the books of Tishby&co.?

So many goys are empty shells, and I know why…

These empty shells even help the Jews with their mission of removing the sparks from their fellow goyim. It’s almost like a horror movie except it’s reality.

Here is a quote from Vital – you are seriously just a “demon couple” to them, and you don’t want to move to the stronghold?

And so the Jew – partly by prayer, partly by killing the Klipot, brings those sparks to the intermediary (intermediate) Sephiroth: the Little Face and His Spouse, who return them to the Divine Source, by which God is strengthened in the struggle against Sammael (the Evil Spirit, the “heads of the shells” ) and Lilita (his wife)

Weird I never see anything like this in Idel or Wolfson!

You’re all the minions of really great people, huh? Honest people who want the best for you – that’s how I see the Jews.

They believe the Moshiach will only appear when all the sparks have been removed. Try not to wince when I say that it’s questionable whether most POC have sparks. So it’s a matter of removing white sparks. And whether they read Vital or not (probably not) that does seem to be their mission in various ways. Reminds me of this Choinski post of mine. Please don’t tell me you’re already an empty shell. I believe in you.

Some genealogy

Wolfson says it himself that Chabadnik texts are less elitist and written more for the ordinary Jew to understand.

Where are those Vital books! I want to see the obscure foundations of Kabbalah. He was considered an authority for centuries.

Sad to think I’m on a forum from a country that’s already had its sparks pulled out of it… Poor Russia. The US seems at least midway through that process, if not further than midway. They probably deliberately targeted people like Elista throughout most of 20th century Russia. Not many other sparks like him I find on the Rusnet. And let’s not even mention the Englishnet… You find yourself crunching nothing besides empty shells underfoot in this place.

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