Look at how Vital’s books are set up – what are you supposed to make of this?

At least a few of them are here. This is a job for the dedicated students of the Antiversity, and I’m not sure they exist.

“It’s already too late for this, stupid goy. All the sparks have been drained from the shells.”

We think we’re so clever and understand a dark reality when we have Machiavelli translated, and know nothing about the real Machiavellis of the world. That’s why I don’t care if it’s too late, because this is interesting for its own sake. Plus, it’s not too late for me you kikes.

Here is the only English PDF I’ve found of Vital’s – I expect it to be highly selective though. Once most whites have their skulls filled with mud they’ll probably be more relaxed about publishing their secrets. They’re probably still paranoid about being engulfed by a blind shell army.

DO YOU THINK I SEE ANYTHING LIKE THIS IN SUFISM? The choice seems pretty clear. Go around the world and pull the sparks out of people, sounds like a real sacred vocation.

Eerie to see this confirmed in this language

שלא לדבר על כל ה’סטרא אחרא’ והקליפות למיניהם, כל אותה מאגיה שחורה שהקבלה קידשה

What I get when I google “stra responsible”

Could this mean responsible use of the qliphoth?

No, that’s just how “Sitra Achra” translates to English, for whatever reason.

Oh man, that Liebes has a review of the English Tishby book, it’s in Hebrew though.

This is what he says of the Tishby book Scholem gave him on his bar mitzvah

the details of the things unfolded there are not enough to understand the peculiarity of the position of the Zohar, which involves the uniqueness of the Zohar itself. I was looking for the key not in the mishnah of the Zohar but in the Zohar in the Mishnah

This one’s easier to translate than that Vital one above at least. Do you see what we’re doing here? Taking a peek at their chain of initiation.

So Kabbalah, in part, represents a new idea of Evil

It should be noted that the phrase ‘sitra achra’ is a linguistic renewal of the Zohar, and this is not only in the technical sense, as a first name for the evil world. Even in its neutral meaning devoid of negative hue I did not find it in Aramaic texts preceding Zohar. Awareness of this could have helped Berman in his argument that names for the devil are not lacking in the ancient language, and if the Zohar needed to renew this combination, it indicates a spiritual need

I’m slowly getting a knack for translating their PDFs hoohahahaha. Could probably program a bot to do it (if anyone besides me cared about not being mentally enslaved) since a majority of substantial writings that ARE on the Heebnet are PDFs, and doing it manually is pretty tedious. You people prefer to talk about “Biden” and “COVID”, how lost. Empty shells.

Lilith is also called in Zohar ‘Harna’ (similar in ringing to the word ‘Achra’)
לילית נקראת בזוהר גם ‘חרנה’ )הדומה בצלצולה למלה ‘אחרא'(

As harmless as this might look it probably explains a lot about our political order. How women are perceived. And how that perception affects men. $2 whores? That’s too much for the cheap Jews to pay, more like $1 whores. Don’t shoot the messenger. It brings me sadness this is what the shiksas have been reduced to in Kabbalahworld.

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