The real Machiavellians aren’t translated for centuries, you think I’m exaggerating about that?

What this type makes sure of too is that their opposition isn’t translated either. Here is a good sign for those of us who are secular whether we like it or not

Like usual, I’m not trying to “hyperstition” anything, I’m just showing you my personal awareness as it progresses. The more I learn about their ancient enemy the more I wonder “Why am I in the US?”

It’s beginning to feel like the exact same activity when I either study Kabbalah or study Shi’ism. Both of them tell me about the other, directly and indirectly. This isn’t easy to articulate- I’ll just say that both forms of “calculus” seem like they’re the same thing in a sense. Both of them lead me to the same conclusion.

I really am starting to conclude that you can get pedantic about this and reduce it to the difference in axiological foundations. One is absolutely intolerant of evil and the other opens its arms for a hug with evil, so to speak. These Scholem students won’t say it that way, that’s just the impression I get. It has to do with the Kabbalists’ theodicy- their solution to the problem of evil was to accept that their God is evil, and “embrace” it.

Machiavellians have tended to be lone wolf individuals. And in the case of Judaism, it’s a group of highly clannish people with a religious fervency about the embrace of evil.

I’m not trying to be polemical, only keeping you updated on my “impressions”.

The thing with Machiavellianism is it’s all dog eat dog. Jews are at least loyal to each other. It’s pretty genius if you look the other way about the embracing evil part. Jews are like One Person in a way, so it’s like an extended Machiavellianism, that’s everywhere and nowhere. Look at that, they’re behind you with a knife for reading this post!

Being some grunt in Iran that confiscates satellites from people’s homes would be 100x nobler than virtually anything you can do in the US which is run by people who embrace evil–i.e. that has an effect on the citizens too, they look up to their “role model”.

I’m not trying to make Shi’ism into something more than it is- it BEGINS with the geopolitical situation and the rest follows from there. That simply makes me more open-minded to their theology, cosmology, psychology, anthropology, etc. So, ketman about “the forefathers of Sufism being good” – so far I haven’t found anything anywhere near as disagreeable as what I’ve found in the Talmud and Kabbalah. That’s a simple observation to make. In the 1940s white people were seriously conned, “bamboozled” out of their wits you might say. And that’s all part of the Jews’ program, it’s doctrinal for them to deceive the goyim.

If you think back to how many Kabbalists believe they fused early Judaism with Neoplatonism and SUFISM, this is an interesting quality the imams are said to have had

possession of the supernatural power of the Supreme Name of God

That forgotten Kabbalist Abulafia that the ones of today adore claimed the same thing – he called himself the messiah and they seem to believe it. The imams apparently were able to visualize a column of light that gave them answers to their questions, which goes to show that the stereotypical image of “angels” isn’t always accurate.

If you aren’t able to entertain these ideas I doubt you perceive how cringe our society really is. Like I said, the geopolitical situation makes me open-minded about this. They must have seen something like a column of light if they have their stronghold. It isn’t an easy feat to stand your ground against the international crime-family. Without bags of cash to throw around it must be rooted in some sort of mystical understanding. Meanwhile China’s “mystical understanding” is to breed like rabbits. You can tell the difference between the two people by their internets, you really can. As someone like me who’s spent years and years on the internet I can intuit someone’s personality pretty easy on here. I’m sure the tone of voice and facial expressions would help- at the same time I don’t even think I need those, and suspect they might distract from people’s core personalities. There’s no hiding, I bring your darkness to the light.

As far as “leaps of faith” are concerned, I’m finding there’s less of that with imamology than there is with diversity, equalism, the blank-slate, holocaust remorse, etc. One seems possible and at times plausible while the other seems like de facto falsehoods. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, lies, delusions, actively immoral in fact- that’s what I see involved in the prog version of the leap of faith. With the imams I see it as learning from people who managed to create a fortress to keep people like you away. You think I’m a character or something? This is all real, I have a very clear perception that virtually all Americans are total scum. I will help the Magi develop nuclear bombs to drop on you. Yeah you, the personal city you live in is going to be a crater. And you know it would be a sweet release from this place which you’re fully aware is evil through and through. You will feel a moment of ecstasy when you glimpse the fire heading toward you from the horizon, before your worthless bones are turned to dust. The funniest part is I’m a “mind-reader” and I know that you hate this place and yourself. “Please nuke me” – is that what your hindbrain cries out for, how pathetic is that?

It’s Realpolitik really. All the Sunnis in the region play ball. Guess who doesn’t? Thus whose beliefs are false, on that basis? Likewise, all the Marxists here play ball. Nigger! So hail Nietzsche. Total sell-outs everywhere. The Farsinet is a real treat, have you checked it out yet? Given you’re likely a spiritual Jew that embraces evil you might not like them very much, your loss. Ahh it just makes me laugh more and more as I speak “English” to these spiritual oompa loompas.

Persia, the birthplace of Monotheism – you know that I see that “refracted” through the Parmenides. I expect to have fun with that in the future. People who actually understand the “One”, not these progressives with their pothead conceptions. That’s another thing too that the crime family hides- it’s not only Jerusalem in Iran, they have a tradition of both Athens and Jerusalem. AND their own distinctive twist to it, which is neither of those two- and that’s something I’ve been trying to understand. So much more interesting than either the left or right here which I see directly through.

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