One of my dreams is to get to know the nature of “a real classy broad” someday. What would she be like? I can never know. I bet if she existed she could humble me about philosophy in certain ways. So it’s too bad only plebs and jew-slaves exist because that’s something that always haunts me in my life you could say, that there will never be a woman I could learn from. Plebjewwomen ahahahahahhaha. I can learn so much from you, how to be a shameless person mostly.

I believe in the Divine Feminine. I can see the “Form” of it and it isn’t in normal life. I always call out to it here, and it echoes into silence.

I’ve always challenged you to show me a woman who is my equal, and you have never been able to do that.

All that exists are kike/whore/nigger/coward conglomerates that pretend you don’t exist because that’s necessary to be low-class without being questioned about it.

I’m just a normal person myself, and being candidly honest, could’ve pursued the life of someone who lives among the sell-outs within the pseudo-keter, and I can never have any of that. I want REAL friends, REAL love. If you sell out you only have frauds all around you. Better to walk the path alone.

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