Until I can find those Tishby etc. books I’ll have to rely on occultists for this

Nah never mind, this guy isn’t a “wizard” like that other occultist. His bibliography is helpful for piecing together the genealogy of these Machi-oyvey-llians at least. You might see some names you never heard of here.

Good question

Those Orthodox seem to talk about these subjects a lot more than cath/prot descended peoples – see here.

A student of Abulafia’s

in the treatise “Sefer ha-Orah” (“Gate of Light”) by Yosef Gikatilla (XIII century). It says that the four heads of Goyim are the four Klipot that separate Israel from Gd and will be destroyed by Him

Now jumping from the Rusnet to Idel’s Straussian book

Abulafia’s claim to have taught Joseph Gikatilla, whom he considered to be the greatest of his successes

Note that Idel is never “Straussian” in the way that counts, i.e. in the way you see above from the Rusnet.

Their hatred for us gets a lot more labyrinthine in the shift from Talmudism to Kabbalah. Their “holy war” against us you could call it.

For instance, in some interpretations each one of the demon-shells contains its own dark version of all of the sephiroth

Whoa, there are some crazy images on the Rusnet for “Гикатилла клипот”

Neoplatonism + leisure in a place surrounded by people you hate = Kabbalah

Emanationism, refractions, etc.

You are there on the chessboard getting fried by the thin beam of light like an ant.

Just this brief glance it looks like Russians have put more thought into Kabbalah than English-speaking goyim. Either that or “they” put more focus on “cleaning up” the English internet. They’ve already had their way with Russia, they don’t care as much to keep tabs on them. From one $2 whore to the next. “How does the goy know how we see them??”

Probably something to do with what point in the trajectory I’m on in this

I told you before that the Orthodox have more of a natural understanding of the Great Chain of Being than us! So much of this kind of stuff on the Rusnet

And yet so few Jews in Russia? If you look their Kabbalistic models get real convoluted over there. What explains this? Is this another thing they filter on our side of the world? Never-ending images I’ve never seen, I want to show you all of them.

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