Still on the Rusnet – never seen it expressed this way

The two faces of YHWH

They want you to see it like THIS of course

Do you think they’re really so malicious they deliberately hide rangordnung-related images?

I could just look at these kinds of pictures forever. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they’re so non-existent. What are the Russkies up to with this for instance?

This one is pretty breath-taking if you ask me

I find it easier to believe in God when it’s not just text and I can see images too

The priests and kings down here don’t know much of what’s going on up there.

You get Marxist ideas in your head when you look at this one

Call me crazy, I think google filters out theological/mystical images

I suspect it’s more of an experience to take in something like this when you study the Great Chain of Being all the time.

Maybe this is 2D and not vertical to people?

Visualizing the One and the Many

Why does all this not turn up in English? Look, a Chinese synthesis

I can’t get enough of that refraction concept being visualized

It’s making me feel humble looking at this stuff. The “autonomous ego” is not the source of the refraction.

What are these Russkies doing?!

It’s endless perplexing material like this. Might as well be looking at Yandex Images like I’m in a flying saucer.

Are there lots more occultists in Russia or what? Part of it must have to do with filters, because I see lots in English too

When I look at this I see the rocks, the plants, the animals, the different races of humans, the different intensities of angels, and a giant question mark at the top- the Hidden God. With effort I could see all of the various nodes being filled in accordingly.

Look at this one, somewhat of a Yeatsian model

The Russians bring the norseman mythology into it a lot too

I told you, it’s never-ending, I could hit you with these for your save-folder forever

Here’s a division of the Rosicrucian model I’ve never seen before

They MUST have done a clean sweep through google.

Just showing you different models for the higher worlds

I’m going to be using this post for reference in the future.

All these people must just be imagining “other realities” when making this stuff huh?

I end this by asking you where you were in the following picture when viewing all of the above images

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