It wasn’t exactly Plotinus who write this then?

People here can only interpret this as fantasy. That’s how I felt when I first learned of Socrates’ daimon. It would be very misleading to equate it with “conscience” though that’s at least in the right direction. There’s no polite way to say it at all. The rabble has conscience, and it’s pretty close to the earth, as things go. Put differently, the more human one’s conscience is the less of a daimon it is. Think of Socrates- he always followed his daimon on what not to do, and look what happened to him. It’s a conscience that inherently provokes hostility from the all-too-human society it’s in. Further, sometimes whole countries find themselves in an all-too-human world. Look, the only reason I praise Iran is because it’s true. They’re the Abrahamist of the bunch that took the ascetic path, something we don’t really understand here. And it seems their “daimon” has a name, too.

Damn, why listen to me speak, listen to the master Plotinus here

If the working principle is that by which we have sense-perception, the daimon is the rational principle; but if we live by the rational principle, the daimon is what is above this, presiding inactive and giving its consent to the principle which works. So it is rightly said that ‘we shall choose.’ For we choose the principle which stands above us according to our choice of life.

“Sense-perception people” are really easy to spot, and I don’t think they have access to a daimon. Living in a world with them in like living in a septic tank, thanks so much for that. I love sloshing around with you. Don’t blame ME, I’m often activating the thing Plotinus speaks of. Then, on the other hand, those who live above the realm of the senses tend not to activate the daimon BECAUSE it is not a “being” which meshes well with this realm of the senses.

I’m never here to make people feel like garbage, I’m only here to make people realize they’re garbage.

See, I just wanted to give you an example of activating that.

“Just because you’re right doesn’t mean you should say it.” – that’s how it’s usually interpreted here at Malkhut, where the light is dimmest.

I prefer not to be here with you, you’re a masochist and I didn’t invite you. In the future I’m going to have an ACTUAL secret group, and that’s not possible with this format.

It is true that the dwellers of all sephiroth are “one” though. Each level interacts with the one below it and above it. Thus the ones at Keter are indirectly interacting with the wretched ones imprisoned at Malkhut. Still, there’s ideally a distance. The blind ones that live in the dirt have an impulse to blot out the light of the higher sephiroth. Chokmah and Binah are my friends. Even that brings a dirty feeling. I definitely don’t want the sephiroth beneath them that they interact with to rub off on me, which they inevitably do. It’s truly a curse if the mud people have pulled you down to Malkhut with them. And if you decide to be one with the world that is pretty inescapable more or less. Using this lunar website it happens even to me so I can imagine what happens to you in Jack’s playground. Remember all those images from earlier? This is a practical way to talk about them.

Say that you’ve perched yourself up somewhere in town and you like to use a metal disc to reflect the sunlight into people’s faces. They’re going to want to throw rocks at you. All you’re trying to do is snap them out of their tranquilized everydayness. Then there are those who walk among them and use subtler methods. Probably with that is when you’re among those people you turn into them without realizing it. So I prefer to perch away from the wretched charade.

This explains my recent preoccupation with Iran-Exit

It would be advantageous for my own daimon to be there and not here. The Angel Gabriel calls to mine. Those Germans I love were already too far gone in the history-cycle. And the “conscience” of the Americans is so less godly than the old Germans. I honestly feel grossed out more and more as I talk in English because I know I’m talking to the ones in the dimmest of light. I feel like a scientist diagnosing retardation. It’s okay, I hear retards are the happiest people there are.

Something interesting I was thinking about on a walk earlier is that even seemingly deliberate “optics” jewels refract in ways they have no control over. They aren’t one of the sephirah in a dim light by choice, that’s just who they are. They don’t decide to not refract light, it’s against their will, because it’s who they are without being aware of it. And in their self-understanding they ARE refracting light. No, the chances are you’re one with the wretched ones in darkness at Malkhut. Because that’s who you are. Any time you could activate your daimon, and you don’t, because that’s who you are.

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