This is my favorite of those Yandex images from earlier

The sephiroth of the traditional Kabbalah, being “nodes”, are more similar to Plato’s forms than the above, and I find an added layer of meaning when it’s anthropomorphized like this.

First thing about this image that strikes me- the lad with the telescope. What is he looking at? One might say the “Ein Soph” or the “Good-in-itself”.

And you’ll notice his telescope is looking through a beam of light, which is illuminating pages which almost resemble a fire.

And to save you some googling, this seems to be what the middle banner refers to

There are so many subtleties in that image.

Why is “he” looking at that angel? Why does this angel have that look on its face?

Look at this other one

Why does the one on the left have to refract the light? He doesn’t seem too happy, looking at his face. And yet why does the origin of the light look at him?

Look at the full image again

One is reflecting the light to hold up the NERVUS OPTICVS sign and the other is reflecting the light to hold up another one that’s holding up the NERVUS OPTICVS sign.

This face here is so goofy

It’s already a deception when the light has moved to that face.

As for the triangle itself, I have my doubts about that personally. The trinity? You’re going to have to convince me of that rather than tell me to have faith through dogma. I.e. I’m implying this image itself is light refracted. Less refracted than most, to be sure.

Look at this part

They’re either studying the origin of the light or they’re not even able to help the other angels refract it. They look stumped about what it means. Or perhaps that’s the best material shape we have access to from the divine light’s ricochet, i.e. from the fire of the book as it is illuminated, that shape on the table is what they have determined.

Then we look over next to them

Next to one of the angels looking at a more direct light through another type of telescope it appears there’s an empty picnic table looking thing? As if the artist of this image invites us humans to sit there, next to the angel table.

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