From the Heebnet- news to me

In 2007 some selections from the Likkutei Torah were translated to English – this is known as the oral Torah, while the Tanya is known as the written Torah.

I was looking at the English version of the Tanya, about 500 pages, then looked at the Russian version, about 800 pages, so “do the math”. Are goybrains even capable of simple subtraction? One wonders.

I was looking at the Tanya though because it references the Etz Chaim dozens of times. So in question at present are three fundamental Lurianic texts that we don’t have trustworthy translations of after centuries. And while we’re here I might as well mention again that this is only sephirothic Kabbalah- the foundation of the other side of Kabbalah, the system of the Divine Names, as it is found in Abulafia, is virtually nonexistent in English as well. And this latter Wolfson claims is more important than the former, and that the former needs to be understand in order to understand the latter.

No one’s ever going to help me with this. They only want me to shut up instead.

And so I speak to the whistling wasteland- an HTML of the esoteric Tanya would be nice to find.

The Likutei Torah was published by the grandson of the founder of Chabad a few decades after his death.

Really now?

Getting into the lizardbrain of those who Own you

Down syndrome goys prefer to spend 360 minutes per day consuming their brainwash instead. God how I hate you. Both sides. Dumpsterwhores and pussies on one hand, and crypto-totalitarians on the other – what a wonderful west, who wouldn’t want to stick around here? I want to put all these niggers in a meat-grinder and feed them to pigs. Those pigs deserve better than to have to chew such base matter. That’ll be an alchemical transformation for the better once they’re pig shit.

Anyway I’m just going off of the above Heebnet here- Elior is another considered to be a living authority on Kabbalah. Is the Tanya truly only a surface document? That’s the first time I’ve seen that said.

From one of Elior’s English books on the Chabad – this is ironic

They do not want to “descend” too much, otherwise we’d know about all of these various books.

From a new antisemitic book I found today, it’s important to keep this in mind

the central meaning of human (i.e. Jewish only) life and even of the Universe itself is inseparably related to the existence of the Jews and of their enemies, the goyim.

He says the Chabad controls the world diamond market – that also is news to me. “Once we have a monopoly on everything THEN we’ll descend with our divinity, any day now we will. All this depravity you see in your society isn’t what our descent looks like, don’t worry!” And the white niggers do nothing about it, what a worthless people.

The Russians at least put in SOME effort, and even they I’ve never seen mention the even more obscure side of Hasidism, this so-called “Likutei Torah”, despite going on and on about the Tanya.

Confirmation of Elior’s statement elsewhere

מאז ראו אור עולם, היו ספרים אלה לספרי היסוד של תורת חסידות חב”ד, מבחינת ספרי היסוד של “תורה שבעל פה”, בנוסף על ספר התניא שהוא בבחינת “תורה שבכתב”.

Shaking up the canon? How about adding to the canon these Machioyveyllians who express the hidden essence of the people who control the interpretation of the already-existing canon?

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