Finally nabbed me a copy of Bjerknes’ latest publication, and he truly does condense things better than anyone else

He says the year 2240 is when they expect their plans to be fulfilled.

Look at this poet

Tikkun Olam will eradicate the parallel Gentile Counter-Universe and elevate the Earth, which was created only for the sake of the Jews, to a Higher Level

See, it sounds like a Cabbalist-only affair at first, and it’s easy to see how the secular ones are (whether inadvertently or not) in cahoots with the general scheme too.

Bjerknes hasn’t written much on his personal site the last couple years so this book must be the crystallization of that time.

See why I want to find Tishby and Dan’s books on this? You don’t often see it explicitly stated like this

For 200 years before this secular age even normie jews were kabbalists. And for centuries before that, their “Keter Rabbis” percolated it down to them.

Anyway, another name for the list- Aharon Meir Altshuler discusses the qliphothic realm extensively. Bjerknes is an expert translator of what he calls their “gobbledygook” which is designed to be difficult to understand. You do know that Jews like to keep people like us hidden because we’re right? Just clarifying that.

Something interesting I learned recently is that Mathers’ translation, The Kabbalah Unveiled, which served as the basis of the Golden Dawn’s understanding of Jewish mysticism, was only about 5% of the Kabbala Denudata. And we know that Scholem laughs at Crowley&co.’s amateurish reception that followed that. So this awareness of “what they’re about” is a lot newer than people realize. Machi OY VEY! llenianism.

Ahhh Bjerknes is awesome. This explains why I’m able to understand “their” system

As the Great Chain of Being was strained and snapped in the goyim world in the 1500s, the Great Chain of Being was only strengthened and steeled in the jew world. Luckily for us, a parallel phenomenon to the latter was occurring in the Near East, in Persia.

Bjerknes likens their worldview to the cycle of rainfall which evaporates back up to form clouds

When they free the divine sparks trapped in the goyim-shells they return to the Godhead. A secular way to look at it is that when they kill the rebellious spirit of a white person that makes YHWH-incarnate (the Jewish people) more powerful. Many such cases! Weak niggers! Ah man, I’ll have to translate Bjerknes into Farsi when I’m skilled enough, he’s among the best of the best. One has to be able to cognitively “climb” the Emanation, and few can do that.

I’m so glad at least one contemporary person understands why I’ve been so concerned with understanding the qliphoth realm

In the Zohar the qliphoth are likened to dirt underneath the fingernail. That’s what you are to them, it’s in their blood. To be picked out and flicked off.

Gentiles are Non-Entities, like the shadows on the wall of Plato’s cave. When the fire is extinguished and the actors depart the stage, the shadows are cut off and the illusion of their existence vanishes.

Whites are nothing, their being is illusory, and once they’re mud their illusory nature will be even more definitive.

These kikes who believe this about us and want this for us want us to see them as PERSECUTED and ABUSED!! Every last one should have their throat slit. Hanukkah, menorah! That’s the only thing we’re about you retard goys!

Enjoy your final decades of human sentience you optics niggers, you’re already baboons so what will be the difference? Every phony smile you make I see a watermelon rind in your mouth. Total degradation in this life and the next. I want to pile your useless corpses in the same ditch as the Jews. What a disrespect of this earth that such subhumans walk upon it. Look who it is, a happy merchant with a white person’s face, isn’t that dandy.

500 pages in this Bjerknes book, every paragraph is worth quoting

Depriving Gentiles of Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge also lowers their Level of Being. Forcing the Gentiles to focus their thoughts primarily on their bodies and material things… prevents Gentiles from engaging in the Contemplation which could otherwise raise their Souls out of their Bodies across the Great Divide to the One.

So they plagiarized the Greeks, who are animal-souled goyim to them, that’s pretty amusing.

I can read this type of material all day

Bjerknes is truly at the forefront of Kabbalah studies on the globe.

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