Bjerknes says it all

Gentiles gave away the birthright of Greek Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge to the Jews who plagiarized it and took it from the Gentiles in exchange for the Death Cult of Christianity.

No one puts it better than him

Ha, this is what progs truly believe too

Whether it’s feminists who can’t accept that they were born to play a “secondary” role or a Southern border immigrant or an Ellis Island orc, they all follow the Cabalist agenda even if it is ultimately hostile to goyim itself and not just non-orc white men.

So many progs are involved in one of these (though this list is far from exhaustive)

Speaking of that idea of the “return to nothingness” though, I think that’s one of the hidden motivations progs often have. It’s a suicidal impulse that they’re glad to help the Jews carry out on the goyim. They have a will-to-nothingness which they disguise with various progressive-sounding beliefs.

I know you’re not going to read his book because you’re busy with one jewy activity or another so I’m just going to quote him extensively

It really is a synchronicity that he keeps bringing up Neoplatonism and the Great Chain of Being, because he didn’t in previous books of his, and I’ve been talking about those a lot lately, now here he is in his latest publication – we must be tuned to the same psychic channel.

Every day I’m more and more convinced of the reality of the Calvinist doctrine of predestination. Lots of people are left behind, and they were born, they were fated, for that. While I don’t know if there’s an afterlife what I do know is that they’re missing out on salvation in this life. I try not to mourn them. It was just set in stone. It was a mistake of mine to put too much hope into them. Like Bjerknes says above, they’re descending lower on the Great Chain of Being toward annihilation. And most of them are already mere figments of human beings, i.e. already are annihilated while still “alive”.

Remember Bjerknes is the guy with a 5,300 page study on Einstein. Not only is he a physicist though, in this present book he demonstrates he’s a veritable mystic too. And further, in his study of the Armenian Genocide he proved he’s one of the world’s most conscientious historiographers to boot. There’s a reason you’re not going to be seeing him interviewed on Fox news. He’s a genius and he’s “their” enemy – and that’s what they hate the most in the world.

Whoa he quotes Scholem himself saying THIS

As stated by the Frankist writer in Prague whom we have already had occasion to quote, Israel’s exile is not a consequence of its sins at all, but is rather part of a plan designed to bring about the destruction of the kelipot all over the world, so that “even if several thousands or tens-of-thousands of Jews are enabled to return to the Land of Israel, nothing has been completed.”

He can get away with saying this because virtually all goyim are ignorant about the meaning of “kelipot”.

Usually Scholem is very careful about this.

Here is the holocaust-survivor Israel Shahak on this foremost authority on Jewish mysticism

Are you a kelipah, dear reader? Are you helping “them” orchestrate the descent of your fellow kelipot toward annihilation? That’s called your life is a never-ending instance of “being Jewed”. Gold star for you!

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