Be sure to offend 99.9% of the west with this one

It’s strange to see this in an actual book. Usually any sustained treatment of the subject I’ve seen on Russian forums, and from what I can tell MENA is not aware of this deeper reading of Kabbalah.

Do you catch Bjerknes’ pun here?

There is no Divine desire to descend to the goyim, likewise there is no Jewish desire to descend to them, i.e. they imitate their god. Otherwise Idel’s books wouldn’t be filled with such claptrap! Now you understand why- he is simply partaking of the nature of his Ein Sof. Even the normiest of jews are secretive like this. It’s natural to them, they’re a race of actors and actresses, or to put it Kabbalistically, even if they are aware of higher sephiroth they will not give goyim the impression they are. They will pretend to be Hesed when in reality they are Hokhmah, and you won’t have any clue about it. The non-cynical view is that this is their form of “pedagogy” – the realistic view is that they want to control your society regardless of your best interest, and in fact for their best interest and no one else’s. In other words, they don’t withhold truth from you for your own good as it were, they withhold truth from you because the truth is they’re hostile to you, hate you, and if you knew that then they wouldn’t have such control of your society. How many different ways can you say the word “kike” without saying the word “kike”? I must have the world-record.

Bjerknes could actually be more accurate here

the advanced Knowledge of the Greeks that was lost to the Gentiles and absorbed by the Cabalists.

It was NOT lost to the Shi’ist Gentiles.

I think it was Dugin I read recently saying that the Soviets destroyed the Russian people BEYOND REPAIR. And I wonder if we’ll see a similar phenomenon in a few decades with Americans resorting to talking about this side of Kabbalah on forums because that understanding is not allowed in any institutions. “We should’ve listened back in the 2020s when someone was warning us about this!” The sad fact is that Americans, too, are already BEYOND REPAIR. So to speak, they’ve been “sparked”. You know those mussels you open and there’s nothing inside? The US is like a bowl full of those empty shells. Bon Appétit. They seem to be buttered pretty well at least? And that’s what I call “the Vegas mentality”, sipping the butter because that’s all there is here.

This had to have been true on at least some level for them to have been “sparked” in the first place

See how I’M more or less a Cabalist for frequently detailing these themes? No, it’s more accurate to say the Cabalists and I are Greeks, one of us anti-goyim, the other lamenting their sad state.

This is quite devastating, and Bjerknes devotes many pages to demonstrate this

There was a concealed first and eighth Rebbe. He was named Plotinus and he was by far the greatest and most insightful Rebbe of them all.

In other words, the Chabad, arguably thee esoteric core of contemporary Jewry par excellence, has its foundations in goyim ideas. Talk about hypocrisy. Who’s the real kelipah here if that’s the case?

If you don’t want to go “overboard” like I have with my fascination with the Shi’ists, a more moderate way to correct the misguided path taken in those Medieval debates is to study the Neoplatonists. I for one prefer a living tradition, ideally one with fighter jets, and the Shi’ists represent that to me. Plato is still very much alive today in quiet ways, and it’s your choice how you adjust to his legacy.

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