So who’s sick of the “how bad things really are” theme at this point? Not me! You can only fix things if you talk about what’s wrong with them.

As I like to emphasize, I’m not a mind-reader. I only “suspect” certain things. In this case I suspect that Jews reading about “this” side of Kabbalah are not revolted or repulsed by any means. Quite the contrary, if they were to read this Bjerknes book I suspect they’d “find themselves”. In other words I think it’s naive to expect them to “personally disavow” the Kabbalists for talking about these things- rather I expect them to privately exclaim “That’s me! He’s describing ME!” That is to say- even if they’ve never read a Kabbalistic text in their life, i.e. the Kabbalists reveal their first-nature, and Jews finally see someone putting it into words. Again, I’m not a mind-reader, I just have my suspicions about things I know they’d never admit to even if I were right.

One thing I will consign to speculation for now is that even the non-initiated ones have the malicious impulse to remove sparks from goyim. To be more precise, I don’t mean here “uppity goys”. That goes without saying that they want THEIR sparks removed. I mean just garden-variety docile goys- I speculate they have that bloodthirst to render them zombies too. They love to see you “stabbed”. This is always under the guise of some progressive cause, note. It’s bad for you, and they love it because it is bad for you. And they will give you the impression it’s good for you, all the while secretly relishing that it’s in reality bad for you.

Are you like me and once upon a time you were naive and believed Woody Allen’s film characters represented everything about Jews? It gets pretty dark beyond that doesn’t it. What do you think of dementia-Biden’s cabinet being half Jewish? “The Talmud and Kabbalah were made up by you, Nazi!” Are you really that irrational? They’re just Woody Allens in that cabinet, don’t worry, just Woody Allens controlling the banks and the media, etc. Definitely not people who don’t even need to study Kabbalist texts to be a “certain way”. Those Chinese should thank their lucky stars every day that they got the Hakkas. If we had Hakka overlords here I expect our quality of life would increase a hundredfold. You just get so used to living in a world where you’re hated you forget that’s not ideal or normal. The holly-cost made us collectively forget their ways before that happened, their holiday of crucifying Christian children for instance, to name one of probably 10 main traditional atrocities of theirs against us.

Sorry to always bring up women, they’re half the population, so I think it’s odd people usually don’t talk about them. There are clear ways they are “sparked” in the modern world. It’s not normal to be in your 30s and have 50 sexual partners. It’s more natural to be a stay-at-home-mom at that point. Even with all the antidepressants you can tell they’re all a bunch of empty shells. I think this can be traced back to the Kabbalist mentality. They’re happy they’re like that, and they’re happy that the male goyim are in a state of anomie themselves because of it. People want to write it off as coincidence and I don’t think that’s so- the ones in charge of society are responsible. And their religious texts are pretty disturbing in that regard- one is led to conclude that making their host empty shells is their objective. This is one of the most glaring omissions from Bjerknes’ list which in my previous post I said was far from exhaustive. Inundating a society with “slut culture” is a clear way of pulling sparks out of people. You have to be mentally unstable to believe that their sacred texts have nothing to say about their character as a people and their ethos, and how they see non-Jews, and their plans for them.

You’re living in a fantasy if you think the fact that our political reality mirrors their sacred texts is a “coincidence”. There’s no way to “vote” them out, they need to be removed by force. I’ll even get on the leftist bandwagon and say we should redistribute all of their wealth, I think we deserve it at this point. Deliberately brainwash a people to embrace depravity, dissolution, and degradation – I doubt these capital monopolists even have enough to pay the debt they owe us for that. I bet they could pay with their lives though. Dumping them off in rags in the desert they spawned from seems like letting them off too easily.

In the meantime I’m not exaggerating that it would be objectively better for us to live in something approaching an “oasis” relative to the US in order to discuss these things freely. Otherwise your spark is getting chipped away every day and you probably don’t even realize it, because you’re not allowed to realize it.

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