Remember those Alawites, the ones that govern Syria? Shi’ists. Hezbollah? Shi’ists. Whether you like it or not, if you admire the Axis Forces, this is the most reminiscent thing to them today, a remnant of theirs as I see it. Have you ever heard any of the Alawites speak? If you only read text of theirs it’s Arabic, if you hear them it sounds like an accent that’s a cross between French and Italian or something. This is only to say that it seems less difficult to build a bridge than at first glance.

I know I’m attempting something impossible here nonetheless. Because most of the salvageable Right in the west is Christian. And they do not want to hear anything about this. This kind of talk actually causes relativism in them which I don’t think is good. They’re not like Jews who fantasize about Jesus boiling in excrement, the Shi’ists honor him. The problem is, they tend to interpret him through later divine emissaries. I don’t know if people here are humble enough to do that, despite the obvious geopolitical situation. The Shi’ists often symbolize themselves with a sword for instance, and Jesus did bring a fire and sword did he not? That’s just underplayed among Christians. I think there could be ways of going about it that wouldn’t amount to an utter betrayal of the tradition. It’s either you acclimate or you tolerate Jesus boiling in excrement, and that’s what it means to live in the west as a Christian today. Given that stark reality I am perfectly willing to interpret him through later sages. Far from being superstitious about this, I think this is the rational thing to do. How about you go worship Wotan in a cabin in Idaho? That’ll last about one and a half generations, if you’re lucky. I for one think it’s more in line with Christ to go help the Shi’ists in their resistance against the money-changers, and to defend the Holy Land even if it means dying a martyr’s death. And that could very well happen what with the sanctions and being enemy number 1 of Israel and all that. Personally I see the Quran as similar to the Gospel of Thomas. It’s apocryphal writing that was excluded by the church authorities. When you look at the fact that they have a spine in the face of the global plutocracy you have to deduce that there is indeed something divine about their “gospel”.

Whether they’re secularists or Christians reading this they’re probably not going to understand. You just reach a point when you have to admit that the spirit of God, or the spirit of Good (whichever way you want to think of it) has left the west. I think of this coldly, and that’s what I see when I “imagine” the Great Chain of Being in the contemporary world. White people are beneath both Jews and Shi’ists. I don’t tolerate that, I’m not one of those white people. You don’t want to be one of those yourself? Then these are some of the thoughts you might have.

Imagine, a decade from now you’re STILL tiptoeing around the JQ on social media. Are you happy thinking that thought? That probably does a number on your psychology, needing to be so secretive about that. It seems that in a Shi’ist country the filters are lifted and your subconscious can speak.

This brings me to another point- people here are Spinoza. The aim is to not live a lie. You’d think that’s not too much to ask for, and… you’d be mistaken. I’ve said it before- while you’re able to be free in criticizing the west, the “Zionist entity”, and its international hold on people’s souls, if you verbalize a gripe you have with the Imams or Khamenei you’re gone. Sayonara, you might be tortured in a prison, and you think the US gov or MSM will care what happens to a rabid antisemite like you? This is a mountain to climb just as the JQ is. My provisional solution? Try to understand them rationally.

I’m actually not having much difficulty in that. We Christian-descended peoples have a “conscience” about certain things so I don’t expect it to ever be flawless. Still, you can sharpen your understanding of them. Suhrawardi, Mulla Sadra, these philosophical ones will take you far away from the stereotypical idea of “Islam”. As for Khamenei and the clerics, they are upholding the revolutionary principles of Khomeini who thoroughly upset the likes of Rockefeller and Kissinger, and I’m sure there are various other nasty critters to discover in cahoots with them too.

Look at it this way- in my experience you don’t even have to study the imams directly to think of them as an inspiration when you study the esoteric side of Kabbalah. Seeing how explicitly evil and hateful Jews are it makes it so easy to view the ones who are formally opposed to them favorably. Still, I’ve been spending my days fluctuating between Sufism and Kabbalah. I really think this is the Euro version of “enlightenment” in the current year. I feel an increase in “Buddha-consciousness” the more nuanced my understanding of both of them is. I repeat something I’ve said before- they are interlinked. Fellow JQers like me are almost always clinging to the US empire- it’s done for. What is the solution once that is realized? “Just accept Jesus, it’s all part of the plan!” No thanks, I like Jesus with a sword, and there’s a place to go for people like me.

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