At what point of being hidden for years, scapegoated without being named, used by corporations and celebrities to hate, federal agents watching me everywhere, bots programmed to hide me, normal people on the right programmed to hide me, before you realize they’re trying to hide something?

It’s been years now, I can safely say every person reading this is in on the hiding. What is it you’re afraid shouldn’t be known in reality? Nine times out of ten it’s a person made of dirt that wants to hide everything. Then the tenth person has to obey the other 90% or else.

“Thankfully I’m part of that 10% so I can feel good about myself.” Yeah right! There is nothing outside of total Jewish capitulation. You’re not part of the 10% unless you’re in the middle east.

Don’t worry, I’ve just been talking to myself on this random website, there definitely hasn’t been various representations of our culture realizing I’m right and being afraid of the implications.

Money-lenders and people who hate you are right instead, because or else or whatever.

I just write to myself here, that isn’t a substantial portion of the west that understands it and is still enslaved by people who control the money without earning it.

“We’re Jews, we’ve never had a country! Why do you wonder why we shouldn’t tell you what to do about yours?” You want every country to be Israel which God exiled, what total niggers, turning everyone else into you too! NIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“We pretend you don’t exist for good reason, not because we’re niggers too.” Yeah right, you’re a nigger. Baboon, orangutan, look at the nigger, it can read English. What a subhuman ape. Everywhere in the west.

“We keep you hidden over the years because” you’re a nigger. Your interpretation doesn’t mean much when you realize it is in fact a nigger saying it. Say cheese orangutan.

“We keep you hidden because–” you’re a nigger, that’s the final word.

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