That cynic Hoffman has an interesting interpretation of the beginning of modernity

The great contest in our time is between medieval-Catholic fidelity to nature and Renaissance neo-Catholic consent for the god-man who will “improve” and “perfect” it. From the Renaissance onward, the voice of God and the Word of God were diminished, eclipsed by the human will, proceeding from the exalted image of the Catholic-Kabbalistic man-god

You see this counter-intuitive idea on the MENAnet too, that the Renaissance had obscure Jewish features.

Have you looked at the Vatican today? Hoffman traces this back to Renaissance times.

Would you like to see how he makes the case for these claims?

He says people who can’t accept this are living in a “candy-coated world of make-believe” haha.

He thinks there’s a puppet on the left puppet on the right phenomenon in Rome where every pope, whether he’s liberal or conservative, is always an advocate of the hermetic-kabbalist renaissance way of belief.

Oh no, it looks like he goes after a few of my sacred cows in this- Ficino and Mirandola. He thinks they are responsible for opening the door to usury and philosemitism. He says they were given special protection to propagate their views

The doctrine and the ideology pre-date by centuries Rousseau, Kant and the French Revolution, and by decades Calvin and Luther. Protestantism, occultism and Judaism were propelled into the West by the Renaissance papacy, germinating through the centuries.

I think this is too much for most of us to accept. The idea that what we take as one of thee high points of the west is in fact when it began to decline. This is crystal-clear to many on the MENAnet so it’s refreshing to see an American writing along the same lines.

Everyone knows the “Borgia Pope”. I for one haven’t heard this side of the story about him. His son, Cesare, is more well-known than him for–fittingly in this context–being a “protagonist” in Machiavelli’s writings.

The fact that Alexander VI is known to history mainly as a playboy pope rather than a pope of occultism, is itself an indication of the success of the conspiracy in suppressing exposure of its capture of the papacy.

Hoffman says evidence for this is mostly indirect in the sense that he allowed for certain things to flourish under his rule rather than writing personal proclamations in agreement with them. He says Machiavelli’s teachings were the real “papal charter”.

You think you’re so cool for believing Machiavelli is evil and proud of it, right?

all lead back to the Renaissance root of incremental relaxation of moral and dogmatic laws against usury which led to the eventual total nullification of those divine laws.

Wouldn’t it have been nice to be born in a time not like this? Some get lucky like that. Not us.

This is an entertaining take, I’ll give Hoffman that

This is on the cover of his book

Remember the problem with Schuon and Nasr promulgating Sufism as a “Perennial philosophy”? This is similar to Hoffman’s argument- these “crypto-rabbis” as he calls them on the surface were uniting all the different faiths, when in reality they were just undermining the catholic church. “See, that’s Christ in the Kabbalah!” No, you’re just Kabbalizing Christ. Again, explain the state of the Vatican today. It has to trace back somewhere. You can make jokes about catholicism all day. Can you make jokes about the renaissance? Which one is the true sacred cow?

Here’s something similar to what I’ve warned you to look out for

We love our society controlled by Jews, don’t we folks. They totally have a better understanding of Christ than we do. This is evidenced by the fact that they don’t even have their own country!

Look, I’m sure the corruption of the church has a lot more to do with things other than Kabbalists, I just like to discuss the dimensions you’re not allowed to speculate about.

This goes way back before the renaissance anyway

conceding to the rabbis exactly what the rabbis’ claimed to be their exclusive property, the language of the Old Testament.

It’s a 2000 year old psyop that I doubt Christians can free themselves from. “You know the first chapters of our Book better than us!!” OWNED!

Hoffman is another one of the masters of Kabbalah out there

The Freemasons represented the rabbinic pillar of chesed — literally, mercy — but more accurately, an outward show of hippie-type liberation from “dogma,”

Let’s go back to Bjerknes’ model

Freemasons are given a false elite understanding of themselves. They don’t see that Chesed hides sephiroth higher than it. Even if you’re a 33rd degree mason and you’re still a slave of Jews, what does that tell you?

Ohhh so none other than old cannibal-face confirms Hoffman’s thesis

Like that study of Hoffman’s that amazon banned this one also is a TOME, so just taking a glance at it for now.

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