Look at this cross-over

This is the first time I’ve seen Strauss allude to Kabbalah. Unless I missed it somehow, which I’m very open to the possibility of. Anyway I find this in an essay by a rather prominent Straussian, Catherine Zuckert, and she doesn’t make the connection I’m making here (for whatever reason). I mean, the left-emanation is evil and also the feminine side of the sephiroth so you can speculate about what you will in this case.

Speaking of cross-overs, that would be the most interesting thing in the world if Strauss had written a book on Kabbalah. And… that does not exist! So I try to write that for him you could say. Just try not to step on me when I’m sleeping with a newspaper blanket on the sidewalk one of these days.

Scholem is right about this, 60 years later

He sent this to Miriam Strauss after Leo’s death

In Leo Strauss we have lost a man whose intellectual power I treasured above all others in this generation.

In this 566 page collection of letters only two are included that were sent to the Strausses. Coincidence?

And guess what. It looks like in a German-language edition of Gesammelte Schriften we have 73 pages of letters. What could those contain? Mind you, these are the two foremost Jewish esotericists of the 20th century. I mean that in the most superlative way possible. “Yeah that’s because the bankers don’t keep written records.” True.

Here is Meier’s introduction to these writings

I must have been blind not to have looked into this sooner.

Sorry to ruin it for you, you should have just expected this

Shall we just jump right to that letter anyway? Wait a second, the beautiful woman I’m in a jacuzzi with right now is distracting me (hahaahahahahahaha yeah right)

Not that letter yet. This is from the final one he sent to Scholem

βίοϛ = life, livelihood. For example, “The unexamined βίοϛ is not worth living”. πωϛ appears to translate to “how”. ἔθνοϛ translates to people, race, or nation.

Do you remember Yehuda Liebes? Scholem’s student who doesn’t like to be translated into English? This is one of his publications

What is this deer? Tishby also has untranslated writings about that. I’m hunting you, how about that? Just kidding, we’re all friends here, right?

This is from the last letter Scholem sent Strauss before he sent him his Sabbatai book

If monotheism is abolished again and atheism in moral teaching, as is to be feared, goes bankrupt, [Heidentum] will probably get a great chance again. Unfortunately, my dear Strauss, I cannot decide whether the Jews will lead the way or whether they will go under with the last monotheists. In any case, I’m staying with the Jews.

This is after he mentions Plato and Nietzsche. You starting to see what’s at stake here? Kabbalists versus Greeks and Germans who do not accept Revelation. This is a couple rabbis in their 70s having a chat.

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