In another letter to Scholem, this is the first time I’ve seen Strauss use this word

He ain’t your buddy, pal.

So you probably want to see what he’s saying here

Despite your Sekretia [?], you made the first printed version of your privatissimum [Lecture for a selected group] on Kabbalah accessible to me, so that this time the surprise was not too great. Nor is it news to me that your incomprehensibility does not bother you very much: you have never held as much of our wisdom in the eyes of the goyim as other people, for example. Read by all means Hegel’s Hamann criticism: it should confirm and deepen your criticism of the German nature.

Here is Scholem to Strauss on his Sabbatai book

of course I am ready to send you the two Hebrew volumes if you want. I just thought that English should be somewhat easier for you. In any case: “Postcard is enough.” Your works are by no means in the [Golemsektion] of my library, and I can allay fears on your part in this direction.

What does this mean!

I get the sense of condescension from Scholem toward Strauss. He looks at him as a traitor or something. And Strauss almost seems guilty. All these goy books you read, and neglect your own tradition!

“That’s none of your business!” Shut up. I probably understand Jews better than they understand themselves at this point, can you ever admit it?

Anyway, here is Strauss- I suggest you interpret this with his Rambam writings in mind

Scholem contends that from the point of view of Judaism, i. e. of Rabbinical Judaism, the Kabbalah is by far superior to Jewish medieval philosophy … The Kabbalists on the other hand have a strong sense of the reality of evil and the dark horror that is about everything living. They do not, like the philosophers, seek to evade its existence with the aid of a convenient formula. We ought to be grateful to Dr. Scholem for his sweeping and forceful condemnation of our medieval philosophy.

Qliphoth, goyim, etc. Do I need to elaborate?

Them frothing at the mouth- “You mind your own business!!”

Whatever, kike. Nice country.

Whether it’s Israel or the US you’re unable to justify it so you resort to “silence”. That’s pretty pathetic if you ask me. We do love niggers in control of society don’t we folks. “That’s a sacred secret!”

Don’t worry, the goyim are quite contemptible too, for letting that happen. Just let-downs all around. A diamond-like soul will not fall too far into pessimism about that. Hence my “daimon” keeps whispering to me about Iran.

Ugh, these euro goyim though, they can’t “read good” at all. I blame video games in part for breaking their concentration. Wily maneuver there. Lure them into a fantasy world while you consolidate your totalitarianism, nice touch my Habiru friend. Radhanites, cut-throats who control the market, that is just a superb reality wouldn’t you say? Nothing evil could ever result.

The sick irony of this is that this Scholem-Strauss correspondence is in the German language. The ghoa-uld is, kuntroa-uld. Our scholas work widdin our theological-political orda.

No Jew is your friend. Stop thinking of matzo when you think of them. YOU are their matzo, you are their slave.

“Communism will be real, I swear it will be real someday!” 90 IQ goy says what? You might as well be black to them, how easy you are to manipulate.

“And we’ll be keeping this ‘last Norman’ under wraps.” Sorry you can’t have a normal conversation, that probably says something about you. A rodent-looking nigger that controls the world through exploited wealth. It’s okay, you can trust me to never actualize Gevurah in real-time ahahahahahaha

Look at the way Scholem speaks to Strauss

You can tell he feels guilt-tripped too.

“The Greeks don’t know anything, you’re a race-traitor,” is the implicit message Scholem keeps sending to Strauss.

I can’t find this correspondence in English, “for whatever reason”.

You might think of the notorious “Neoconservatives” in this context. Do you remember the word “kagal”? The Kabbalist tells the Spinozan what to do, that does appear to be the rangordnung. من نمی توانم صبر کنم تا با این همه به ایرانیان کمک کنم.

From their correspondence so far I’m led to investigating Scholem’s 1000 page Sabbatai tome.

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