Let’s start at the beginning – this is his first writing on Zevi, from 1937

Whether it’s the Hidden Imam or the Moshiach it isn’t easy to get an understanding.

I always like to see this kind of admission

I do not consider it necessary to hide my conviction that the network of secret Sabbatian groups was much denser than most researchers currently admit.

There are various forms of this he isolates- in Poland they pretended to be Catholic, in Turkey they pretended to be Muslim, even in certain periods they had to be sneaky about it among their fellow Jews, whether enlightenment or orthodox. Remember that this is the sect that Bjerknes demonstrates was responsible for the Armenian genocide – “We’re Turks haha”. And their fate in Poland is too well-known to state. Meanwhile, elsewhere

the most tragic chapter in the history of Sabbatianism – the Franco sect. Here the psychological difficulties facing the researcher increase many times over, since during the famous dispute with the rabbis in Lviv (1759), the Francoists did not stop at accusing the Jews of ritual use of blood. This hurt Jewish feelings more sharply than the most scandalous theological views of the heretics. The Lviv dispute has been studied by many authors.

Remember for these ones their version of the “Hidden Imam” has arrived

Within the walls of the ghetto, a multitude of individuals and whole groups of people lived, for whom the observance of the practical precepts of Judaism was of a purely external character, while their internal, spiritual life and the set of ideas associated with it had already changed irreversibly.

I think it’s telling that their idea of the messianic age involved incest, orgies, and pedophilia. Anything goes.

Scholem sounds pretty apologetic

He says there’s a direct line from Zevi to Frank (as well as to various offshoots).

My question is, would Jewish people like Scholem and Strauss not want to admit openly that THIS is when the messianic age began? There do seem to be some ugly details involved.

So this is the phase after Luria and Vital, the latter who died in 1620. Scholem says the Zevi phenomenon caused a collective mystical experience in Jewry wherein they subjectively felt altered as if they were living in a new religious epoch, which he terms “Liberation”. The stated mystics seem to be reminiscent of what Newton and Darwin are to the English. You never hear their names though do you. And just as everyperson in the west is now a Newtonian atomist, in the Jewish century everyone in the west seems to be a Sabbatean anything-goesist. Elior calls it the age of grace where all prohibitions turn into permits.

In the early days of this “reformation” they saw themselves as living in a higher world

the Sabbatian authors are recognizable, even if there is not a single mention of Sabbatai Zvi in ​​their texts. “Holy faith” is the secret of understanding the new reality of the universe and the changes that follow from the qualitatively new relationship between the Creator and creation in the tikkun era.

Once again, while incest isn’t popular (that I know of), there are still many parallels to that in the modern world which are smiled upon, and that seems to be in line with the Sabbatean “paradigm-shift”.

Let’s look at a contrast here

Just thinking- the appropriation of this by (((Deleuze))) is so boring, and not daring at all. Can you just admit it?

The truth is you do not want to concede anything in my favor because you are a “Sabbatean” and I look at you from a non-Sabbatean perspective, and you don’t like that very much, do you?

One with the spirit of enforced relativism- that is not the side I’d want to be on. Ignorant animals surrounded by ignorant animals who all reinforce each other’s belief in their sacred cause. The contemporary west is a nihilistic nigger cult headed by kikes. Sorry if you’re a proud member of that. I’m definitely not speaking to a human being at the moment if you are. You can go off and feel better by surrounding yourself with your fellow apes though. I might as well be talking to you from an alternate dimension. From the perspective of apeworld everything is “normal”. From my “dimension” you look like a nigger.

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