I’m just looking for any material possible by that one hostile to English, Liebes

Scholem described as ‘by far the most significant and extensive Messianic movement’ to have occurred in post Christian Judaism. Yehuda Liebes makes the same point: the Sabbatean movement was ‘the largest, most important, and most sweeping messianic movement that arose in Jewish history.’

Just at first glance one has to deduce that there’s something important here that should be learned about with some thoroughness.

I keep seeing Liebes spoken of in the same breath as Idel, and only a couple of what he dismisses as “academic” books of his from a few decades ago are in English.

Probably worth repeating that for Scholem and most other Jewish historians, Zevy and Khmelnytsky are linked. The latter caused the former in a certain sense. I see this as important to note because Khmelnytsky is THEE proto-Adolf. That is to say that a similar messianic impulse might have been caused by this more recent “Khmelnytsky”. An increase in religious energy, an increase in religious purpose.

I’ll cut to the chase- is Zevi their Hidden Imam who arrived? If that were a secret awareness among the upper echelons it would be important to know in order to understand our political order.

I see four or so words in this footnote that are intriguing

So many people just settle for that happy merchant meme. It gets about… decades of research more sophisticated than that. Not even Bjerknes is enough for me, I want to get ALL of the facts crystal-clear. If you’re not bothered enough by that “pulling sparks out of people” doctrine to want to do that yourself then you’re probably an empty shell already.

Here is Scholem again in that early Zevi essay

The Work of Liberation will not be fulfilled until all the sparks of holiness and goodness that fell as a result of the initial corruption into the power of impurity and Kliput are collected, including – and this is very significant – among the peoples of the world… he must descend into the Klipa, go through all the gates of impurity and collect from there the last unreleased sparks. The existence of impurity and Kliput is based only on the fact that they hold these sacred sparks, and as soon as they are gone, evil will disappear by itself

This will seem innocent if you aren’t aware of the writings of the chief promulgator of Lurianic Kabbalah, Chaim Vital. They expect you to just look at the face and not the steps that led to it.

Even the face is pretty telling, though this essay a Russian translated isn’t in English that I know of

A variety of psychological motives manifested themselves in the Sabbatian doctrine of the holiness of sin… the motivation of the Sabbatians related to some of the ideas of the Marquis de Sade.

Remember the initial quotation- this is thee closest thing to a Moshiach in their entire history

The Messiah is alone on his way into the depths of impurity and Sitra Ahora…  Let us also surrender ourselves to the power of impurity! 

Would you like the Marquis de Sade in control of your economy, media, etc.? AHAHAHA

I’m not just pulling these lines from some random Jew, let alone a “Nazi, this is Scholem, the one regarded by most scholars to be the foremost scholar of Jewish mysticism of the 20th century

it is necessary to release all the sparks of holiness that remain in the Klippa in order to deprive it of the sources of vitality, while the other calls for filling and overflowing with holiness the Klippa, so that it burst, unable to withstand the light. In short, the psychological background giving rise to the “crime in the name of Heaven”

I don’t see any light or holiness either from our overlords or the lesser jewry, I only see them seeking to release the sparks by whatever means necessary, often through systematic teachings of materialism and hedonism which reduce the goyim to an animal level of existence, and removal from society of the ones who speak out against all this.

Look what Scholem says here- you really can’t get more obvious

And one cannot but admit: in this new teaching of the Sabbatians and in the language they created, there was a tremendous attractive force that touched some secret strings in the outlook of the Jew.

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