Really feel like I’m unraveling the mystery studying this “Saturn Deer”

An enthusiastic “believer” in Prague reveals a great secret: no, not because of our sins we were once expelled from our land, but in order to abolish the Qlipot, that is, the “four kingdoms”.

This part of that Scholem essay is the most revealing of them all so far.

I’m starting to infer that there are too many scandals surrounding Zevi for them to like to openly admit that he’s their Moshiach. Scholem says that people who descend from Sabbateans don’t like to admit it either. And he wrote this in the 30s, so these cladistics are even more obscure today.

Many today are “void-worshipers” and I can imagine them reading about Frank, the one Scholem says took Sabbateanism to its ultimate conclusions, and getting an adrenaline rush out of it. Whether it’s Sade who is mainstream today or Zevi, that’s how many people are, they revel in the abyss, and experience a gleeful elation in defying morality. Given that it’s not French people who control our culture I’d have to deduce it’s more accurate to say it’s Zevi who is mainstream, not Sade. Go ahead, read about this hyper-Sabbatean here and examine yourself while doing so to see if you relate. Scholem also claims that their spirit anticipated the French Revolution. Were the usurers behind that Sabbateans? He says this much at least

Do you remember how Bjerknes describes the tikkun olam? Scholem explicitly refers to that throughout this essay, though in less transparent language.

It doesn’t really matter. It’s already happened. And now there are hopeless niggers as far as the eye can see.

Can’t make that perception up unfortunately.

Still, I like to pretend there are at least “spiritual mulattoes” somewhere in the English-speaking world and not just pure coons – and seeing Scholem say this directly will be amusing to those people

The Sabbatians thought to use the language of the Enlightenment for their own purposes

My main takeaway from this essay is that Scholem felt an affinity with this Kabbalist sect. It appears it’s a Russian Jew that translated this into a goyim language. According to him these are his other writings on the subject

The first book we have in English, in what is referred to as a “revised and augmented translation”. The essay I’ve been drawing from is included in a 1974 collection you can see some of the contents of here. “That” word is rendered as qelippah in the English edition and occurs 227 times, so that’s a good sign at least- maybe for another time, if I somehow realize there’s value in speaking to you Golem.

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