Time to start making/saving money so I can get out of here. Spending 12+ hours a day studying and writing about how evil this place is isn’t going to help me with that. Yes, I’ve firmly established how evil this place is and why, and now I know what to do about it. So that leaves the next step. Nothing personal, kid.

I’ve seen virtually zero signs for years that any of my readers aren’t spiritual kikes. I hate your guts, you think this is an act? You’re doomed. It’s already over for you, and I’m not going down with you.

Now it’s just a matter of collecting enough shekels here so it’s a smooth move to the country of people who haven’t sold their souls.

Ahahahaha spiritual kikes, every last one!

They’re proud of themselves, that isn’t even an insult to them. I just talk to myself here constantly more or less.

I talked to a normal person for a while for the first time in who knows how many months. I’m sorry after reading my writings you’re half kike and half not, because it might as well be a different dimension of reality here. Normal person reality, oh man, I’m going to have to adjust to that for a while. Get the shekels, get out, that’s all that’s left. Well, there’s learning Farsi too. Wasting even more of my precious time on you total plebes, I don’t think so. Technically, you can’t call it “niggerworld” because there ARE a couple pockets in the middle east where the people don’t live in absolute degradation in the face of the kike power. You think it’s good for your health to stick around here? I don’t think so, sport. Even if they end up kicking me out after a week at least I would have TRIED to do something like that. People here are in such denial, even if I make well-reasoned arguments for months on end they’re never going to accept it. You’re a cross between a kike, a nigger, and a dumb cunt when you embrace the Terms of Service in the US. No thank you. I’m not exaggerating with you or something like that. Women are great, I’m just not going to pretend they’re something to look up to. ROFL! Remember what I said yesterday- “women, jews, and other POC”? You should take notes about that. It’s the Rules here to not believe that, and if you say it’s true then they all just prefer you dead. I’ve already written you my “manifesto” and then some, I don’t expect to convince anyone at this rate. What percent of my readers are “kikeniggers”? I’d have to guess somewhere in the upper 90s range, very easily. There’s literally nothing here. I’m sorry if you don’t see the telos of Germany in Iran. It seems perfectly obvious to me. Kikeniggers aren’t in contact with reality whatsoever so you can’t expect them to understand. Look at that, it’s a subhuman. I prefer to live in a place where they make missiles to aim at depraved beasts like you. Kill your whole family too, who wants kikeniggers in the future? Only the demons who live in a fallen world and want to perpetuate themselves. What absolute niggers everywhere in the US. Atheists, feminists, equalists, philosemites – how confused can you get? It’s an immanentized hell here.

I’m only in life for the knowledge and wisdom. I’ve reached the pinnacle that can be had in this place. It’s now time for a further initiation which cannot be had here. Look at that, I’m talking to a baboon in a cage at the zoo – I must be deluded to be doing that. Are you okay, I keep trying to hand you a key and I don’t think you understand what it is. That’s fine, time to move on now.

These dumpsterkikes will probably arrest me when I try to get on the airplane too. Again, at least the attempt will have been made. Settling for this dismal wasteland is only something a total nigger would do. And there are many of those, don’t you worry. The women are unmarriable skanks, and the men are mealy-mouthed pussies who hate anyone who brings up how safe they play it. God’s children truly are beautiful aren’t they? It’s dysgenic to breed with a shrew, and it’s a lobotomy to interact with a coward. That doesn’t leave much room for fulfillment in this home of the free and the brave. What do you want me to tell you, nigger? Who knows, maybe there are some who relate to everything I say, I just somehow doubt it. Do what you have to do to get the shekels then get the fuck out, that’s my game plan. Being someone who loves philosophy and has spent the last decade thinking and studying about things regardless of whether you’ll be made into a scapegoat-pariah for it, these are my conclusions. I’m not trying to gloat, I only want to help you. I don’t know of anyone else like this, besides Bjerknes, Elista, a few of these random people I’ve discussed. They haven’t taken it to the ultimate conclusion though. Oh no, you wear a turban, who cares. I’m trying to tell you about one of the only places I know in the galaxy where you can be a Person. And in many cases you will be honored by your surrounding society for being a Person. I know the subhumans here don’t really like that idea. What are you, some kind of nigger? I think that is beyond established. Let’s see one of them do a public confession!! Yeah right. The basis of this society isn’t just being a nigger, it’s being a crypto-nigger, i.e. hiding the fact that’s what they are is intrinsic to this political order. Feel guilty when I say that? Anyway, you can keep being the netzach to the chesed – there is a country that looks down on both of those from a higher sephirah.

I just talked to that normal guy again after writing that and it’s such a different world. Imagine me just talking to someone about all the stuff here. And some of you are cursed to understand it and live among these people. It’s okay, you’ll look cute in a hijab. It is my conviction that if you aren’t able to follow this path then you are a fraud, and you should accept it, and confess to everyone what you are.

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