Posthuman? They’re not even capable of being human. I’ve been expecting them to just skip a grade or something. It’s even worse than that though- they’re at a stage where they still need to learn that they don’t want to be pre-human. So when you speak of the posthuman you’re presuming people are two steps ahead of where they are. Again, this isn’t a fantasy novel. There are distinct levels of pre-humanity that can be perceived. The will to be even more pre-human can be distinctly perceived. The absence of any yearning to be human can be distinctly perceived. The absence of any yearning to be posthuman can be distinctly perceived. Because they never “confess” what they are you might not notice that there are many more who yearn to be even more pre-human than they already are than you’d expect. In fact that’s the standard demand today- you aren’t a “team player” if you do not voice your interest in descending to a further stage of pre-humanity. There’s really nothing left to say to you niggers. Think that’s a made-up word, “nigger”? All it takes is one sentence to Know. They’re everywhere. This is why I can never bring myself to hate ideological enemies of mine such as Badiou. Because at least people like him aren’t confined to the realm of sense-perception. And it’s tragic people are too sensitive to investigate the neuroscience of this, because I have a hunch that all these pre-humans are missing a faculty in the brain. We could probably, theoretically, do something about it, so people like them are born with it in the future. Alas, we live in a nation of denial.

So that’s the state of things in our historical situation. I’ve given you some ideas on how to shave some decades off this if you wanted to. Unfortunately I don’t think many people really care. One of the prominent features of the pre-human is they can’t perceive anything outside of their little world. Nonetheless, I’ll tell you again- the main problem is that the ones in charge are themselves scared to death of the concept of the pre-human, because they are paranoid that they would be labeled as such–and they aren’t wrong to be paranoid. That’s why there’s no cultural directedness toward ascent up to the human or the posthuman. They have to erase these distinctions because they’re afraid of which one they fall into. Ever read about Pale Jews? They sound quite like niggers to me, and their descendants are no different except they have wifi now. Surprise! Is humanity everything you thought it would be when you were young and naive? There are some ugly secrets about it aren’t there. It isn’t some whimsy of mine to isolate the phenomenon of “apes sticking together”. When you get a real eye for the Great Chain of Being you will notice that this goes up into many more higher gradations than at first glance. Most glaringly for instance this dynamic occurs among those that define the human, white men. Most of them are apes sticking together against certain blinding sephiroth. All that they can do when accused of this is huff copium and continue to be apes sticking together, like clock-work. Just informing you of the state of things. Don’t you like to learn about humanity? They want their little zogling princess to snuggle with, is what I think it is in many cases. Very touching. I for one think that a “passionate kiss” with a zogling is out of the question. There’s simply something empty there. It’s life in a simulacrum. Unfortunately my “anthropology” here is objective, and part of that objectivity is understanding that they’re going to be that way forever. “Women, jews, whites, and other POC” – it’s all too true. It’s really obvious that’s what all of them want, it’s their true desire to remain pre-human. Look up from your smartphone and smile, I want to get your picture- you’re an ape in clothes. It’s not merely that they’re happy being pre-human, they’re outright hostile to anything beyond their present state. You might think they’d want this perception of them institutionalized in some form for their own good, and you’d be mistaken. All they can do is speak vapid nothings year after year and resent anyone who talks about things of substance. That is a textbook ape. Is humanity everything you expected it to be, did you expect this to be what you would discover? It has dark secrets- their trivial lives are rounded by a conspiracy of silence. They know that when I call them “nigger” that I am right. And they go on to choose to live in a world where their fellow primitives keep this hidden. You see those videos of the earth rotating, green and blue, and never expect that to be going on there. I think of it as one of the most prominent features of this place. The conspiracy of apes to hide what they are.

Now where were we. Have I alienated you enough yet? Is ape-emotion coursing through your veins? Well if you’ve survived then maybe you deserve to see this juicy morsel from Shamir

If you follow the determination that it is Jews blurring the distinction between pre-human and human then it seems natural to want to know precisely what makes their gears turn. Is this their Mashiach? Wouldn’t that be nice to know. Because if that is so it would explain why they’re such moral cripples. Out of their cloister-derived pride they could never accept the “dirty goyim’s” messiah, and instead went with one that resembles the Marquis de Sade! Both Scholem and Liebes have attested that this is the closest thing to a Maschiach they ever had – and you think this does not carry profound implications?

Again, part of being an ape is saying “who care?” about this. Their natural state is acceptance of those who order them around. They want approval and self-esteem from their little zogling princess and that’s about it. If they don’t unequivocally accept whatever nature their Keter is then they jeopardize that. I’d speculate that there’s something structural about this. Whether the Keter of a given overlord is good or bad their nature is always to accept it, and accept it for creaturely reasons. Are you able to read this without coping? I highly highly doubt it.

Anyway, there are multiple avenues to go down with Kabbalah, which I see as a direct view of their id (real beliefs and motivations), and I’m pretty pressed for time due to reasons I explained yesterday, i.e. having a realistic lack of hope for Americans (who I know all too well and on a scientific level). And I’m sure it’s no loss to them to not be made better aware of exactly what controls their lives, because they will unhesitatingly accept it anyway. How sinister for instance this project of de-sparking qliphoth, and all apes can do is look at it blankly and blink. One can only conclude that it is their natural place in the Great Chain of Being to be the prey at netzach below chesed. They’re born matzo balls and they’re born to not have balls. I wonder why both chesed and netzach would be in a conspiracy of silence about that?

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