This would be a groundbreaking revelation if Bjerknes is right about this

I always think back to that hostile Yid who said the gnostic Corbin was at war with (((them))).

Bjerknes says the name of the demiurge Yahweh for the gnostics is Yaldabaoth.

Jesse, what the fuck are you talking about?? Keep in mind that Chesed/Netzach rangordnung in mind when you read this

for the Gnostics, the Jews who worship Yahweh are worshiping Satan, the creator god and Son of Sophia-Barbelo, who created the Evil Material Universe.

In other words, the gnostics have a different arrangement of “sephiroth”.

Notice that in our cultural consciousness “gnosticism” is similar to Odinism in being instinctively dismissed. Any viable enemies of the demiurge WOULD be dismissed wouldn’t they?

Bjerkes truly is in his best form in this most recent book of his.

This descends from the Parmenidean One

He is pulling a lot of this from the Apocrypha, i.e. what they “mysteriously” didn’t include in the Bible.

This is a good question

he said to them, I am a jealous god and there is no other god beside me. But by announcing this, he suggested to the angels with him that there is another god. For if there were no other god, of whom would he be jealous?

That idea that Yahweh descends from Sophia though… that has dangerous potential.

We know who created Adam. Who created the one who created Adam? There’s ancient cosmic lore about that.

I sense many see me as “greedy” or something for talking about these things? I don’t understand why they want the worst for you if you challenge these people. One has to DEDUCE that the Jews are their GOD! How else to explain it?

Mythology or not, they do have the goyim believing the Talmud/Kabbalah telling of the story here rather than the gnostic one

Samael/Lilith fornicated with Eve to produce the Evil child Cain who is the source of the Gentiles. Jews derive from Seth the son of Adam and are Good. The Cabalists sought to invert the Gnostic story of Cain to create the Jewish Counterpart to the Gnostic creation myth. The earlier Gnostic story of the birth of Cain stated that Yahweh fornicated with Eve to produce Cain, who is the father of the Jews who worship Yahweh, and Seth is the son of Adam and the father of the Good followers of the Savior Jesus Christ.

Mythology or not, it would be better for us and the world to start believing the gnostic side of the story instead. Because it is true that most goyim today DO believe the jewish side of this story in non-mythological form. And it’s far from clear that the ones who missed the Lesson of Jesus aren’t an intrinsically fallen, evil people.

If you’re just too clear about the Great Chain of Being in general people want you to feel rotten. I wish I could understand. When I hear talk about it, at the current moment from Bjerknes for instance, I feel energized. What’s medicine to some is poison to others. They want you to die alone in a cardboard box if you talk about it, truly. Anyway, like I’ve said, this is all the hidden core of Nietzsche that is unraveled, so whatever happens I don’t really care because I’m doing my duty in my rank below the mustached bastard. Humanity will hate you and want you to burn in hell, and so be it.

This is top-tier genealogy for the current year

Idel for instance is highly evasive about this.

And let’s look at this in a Realpolitik manner- the Leaders of International Communism don’t have such a solid foundation as is usually thought. If you take a glance at a secret side of the consciousness of the wee prog piggies they tell themselves “The Hebrews got this, they’re special!” when the reality is they ripped off the Greeks. And further, Zoroastrian monotheism preceded them as well and arguably continues to exist today in a more refined state as Shi’ism. So there are at least two other ancient ways of going about reality. Progs want to tell themselves that only Jews know the right way because they are the oldest. No, they won’t say this out loud, this is just a presupposition of theirs, one that doesn’t stand on solid ground. The truth is they know in their heart of hearts that the Jews don’t know “the right way”, they KNOW in fact that the Jews are immoral, and that’s why they want them in charge. Note well. Telling themselves that they’re the most ancient is a way to feel better about being the minions of immoral people. Haha gotcha! Nigger cult!

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