Was ist das?

It’s so recent. If the Shi’ists are the esoteric core of Islam, the Ismailis are the esoteric core of Shi’ism. They’re the 15% of the 15%, in terms of population. Still, we’re talking about around 200 million people, so it’s not like it’s a “minority” in that light.

Anyway, why I find myself studying them after my previous post- some advice from Corbin

an example of Imamology will be taken up which was developed on the basis of an episode from the Gospels of Jesus’ childhood, and any study concerning the relations between Ismaili gnosis and the gnosis of antiquity must pay particular attention to the occasional re-emergence and further development of the so-called “apocryphal” Scriptures.

I wonder how I’ll see this sort of thing after I start spending most of my time on money pretty soon here. Hopefully this side of me doesn’t die to some degree. Well, it’s obvious it will have to. I know some of the readers with an unhealthy obsession with viewing this site will find some relief in my hiatus. For years I always think that someone who cared about me would show up in my life, and they never do. I think I’m just too cold and cruel of a person. That’s what the world needs so I guess that’s fate. Also I think love is more transactional than people want to believe. No one wants to sacrifice themselves for truth, and no one wants to sacrifice themselves for love. That’s ultimately because they don’t truly believe in the truth, and because there’s no true love there. Once I have a nice posh house I bet there will be “true love” there ahahaha. There must be a way to stop being so cynical about all this. Like I said, my more truth-seeking self will probably by dying the more I focus on worldly matters, and that’s probably why everyone doesn’t simply kill themselves, because that truth-seeking part of themselves is dead. As dismal as that sounds. I still to this day have never talked to someone face to face who knows this side of me. So I just expect to continue living in a world that doesn’t know my real self. There isn’t a single soul who does know this self of mine who hasn’t caused me to lose faith in humanity, so maybe that’s just for the best – not knowing people’s true colors when the real stakes of philosophy are set out before their eyes. A flattering picture of humanity will not emerge when you do that. It does appear clear that the goyim in this cycle of history are going to continue to be enslaved and be under subtle tortures, and I don’t see an end to this any time soon. Bjerknes is right that all the sins of the Jews are projected onto a goy scapegoat. So until they fix that, I expect them to not know any real autonomy and to suffer from the deliberately sadistic treatment of the Kabbalists. This was an illuminating social experiment though if nothing else. I feel like I now understand humanity very well, even if I don’t like what I understand about them, and I hope my writings have given you some glimpse of that too. Inshallah.

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