First solid day in Malkhut for a while. That was a blast, let me tell you. I’m going to have to start taking advice from my favorite pals and offering people loans at 25% interest. Malkhut is such an abstraction until you’re there. Spent the whole day worrying people won’t see things from the proper height. I need to just stop caring about people who I’m absolutely expendable for. My “great friends” here, I have so many reasons to care about them. I mean, I hope some have at least gathered the lesson that it’s futile and even counter-productive to speak to them from a certain level. A few years ago it wasn’t settled in my mind and now it’s a closed case, though this is a millennia-old debate so I’m not going to be 100% certain about it- from what I can tell though is that it’s not that they will understand and use it for bad, it’s that they will not understand. Anything above Chesed might as well have caution tape around it, might as well have a pit with spikes at the bottom actually. Let’s call it a psychic moat. If you do happen to make it across then there’s no reason to talk about it in our climate. What I lament about that is that it’s virtually the only enjoyable thing to me. I’ve been talking about Malkhut rather frivolously I realized today. It’s better to keep that at a distance if you ask me. Here’s the rub though- below Chesed and above Malkhut is probably the best thing you can expect from most people. I’m going to have to be convinced, because I’m seeing less and less value as the days go on. I suffer too much for a goal that is futile. Suffer for people who only want to use me and for many who would be lively and ecstatic if I were to die. If the goal is futile then that’s not worth it. You can consider yourself lucky if you can shift them slightly out of Malkhut. Anything beyond that is a total miracle. What did I miss out on on the internet today? Vapid nothings? I can only expect. Orcs are real, that’s it. It’s a team-effort and if no one is capable of rising to the occasion then I have no reason to be here. I have years of proof they’re not capable. You think Biden is just the surface of politics? If you go beyond the surface it just gets sadder and sadder. The “American Dream” is empty, zog careers are meaningless, zog families are meaningless, and anything above that makes you a pariah and someone whose life doesn’t matter to anyone. Tell me where to find value in either of those options. There is nothing. Philosophize for nothing, make money for nothing. I wish I was exaggerating. People prefer to live in ignorance than accept that. Your consciousness is bound to a level of the descending light that is not in my perspective even light at all. Even if you have an intellectual job, the academy or whatever, you’re still demanded to stay at a certain level of dimness. I’m doing the same futile thing right now actually! No one can accept that either way you’re going to be eating gruel. It’s over for the goyim, they had their chance and they blew it. That’s God’s plan for them, to be slaves. I tried to help you. Whether it’s men or women they failed the test. Be happy as a grifter I guess. Can one be happy like that? Probably takes the edge off, right?

Maybe I will continue to write about various things here and there, I had some thoughts about Kabbalah and Sufism earlier. For the most part though, value in people is an illusion. I know no one’s going to accept it. Defensive grifters or ephemeral hoes, that’s about all who you can look forward to speaking to. Tell me, please, are those not people with illusory value?

So I’m continuing with my Iran plan. Whether it’s a grass is greener idea or not, it’s better to try than not. Hopefully you’ve learned from some of my writings that they are confined mentally to a plane of awareness below Chesed there. That’s all that really matters to me. Even if they can’t see it from Plato’s-eye-view, that’s more than I can ask for after these years with these permanently busted robot-people known as Americans. Let me know again- vapid nothings all day? Is that what happened in this country, everywhere? I know for a fact that’s what happened, without even having to check anywhere. I’m done sacrificing myself for this place. Hey, I’m glad we could have crossed paths on the internet, even if indirectly.

I have a better idea of Malkhut-dwellers now. So that’s the level of consciousness you’ve been at? It all makes sense now. I’m glad I didn’t have to talk to you up close. If you’ve found some friends who don’t fit that category then thank your lucky stars. Even though I suspect that they’re grifters in self-denial. I hope you can admit that you have to pick a certain place in the brightness of light and there’s no good place to pick.

So many people might as well be feds that that old “fed meme” is just nonsensical at this rate. Virtually ANYTHING in the public “intellectual discussion” is fedworld. It might as well be a readymade Netzach bumper sticker, if you’re lucky. Most people settle for nothing. I can’t imagine being content whatsoever at that level. Kabbalah was banned for people 40 and under for the same reason Plato is magically a leftist in the academy. The light needs to be dimmed in this world. “NEEDS TO”? Not in my world. Your world. I try to fight your world. There’s no point though. Whether I’m talking to you or not you’re not going to be getting out of that place. It’s a true tragedy. All I’ve ever wanted by writing online was to find equals, so that I didn’t feel alone in the world. There are a few here and there. I mean, that’s another question too- maybe not. Whether it’s men or women (and these are two distinct standards one judges based on) and neither one is impressive at all. Prove me wrong anyday. You can’t. What are you supposed to look for in life? If neither of those are there the world is pretty empty. No respectable “colleagues”, no one worth even taking on a date. What is there in life? Only illusions that this isn’t the case. Or move somewhere they aren’t similarly confined to a certain brightness of light. There’s no point sacrificing your well-being for people who can’t be helped.

I just wanted to know the dimensions of this lifeworld of ours. Making the implications of philosophy public. You don’t know what those are until you’ve tried. Speaking to you as a friend for a second, you just might not want to know. That also I see as God’s Plan. I believe in the idea of “telos”. The point of humans isn’t to have God’s-eye-view of things. That’s not the nature of this being. You’re not supposed to give the game away, people want to play the game without knowing they’re playing. Maybe that’s you, that’s not me, I can only be happy if I have the very pinnacle of wisdom. And that’s a clue I give to you- that part of the pinnacle in my opinion is that in most cases it’s better not knowing. It would be cool and all if there was some kind of society exterior to the main one where people who loved wisdom lived. And that does not exist today. So you can just expect bad things if you pull that in the current world. And that includes this very post. Everyone wants to pretend they live in “Wisdom Society” and they do not. You can take my word for it or not, or continue being a grifter in denial in the dim light of Malkhut. If I were you I’d want to get away from those creatures. If you’re here it’s a sign that part of you isn’t happy with that. Is that part of you strong enough for me to continue caring? If I want to live in a delusion, then sure.

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