Besides Farsi, I see a lot of Walter Scott in my future. Before things got too bad in the west. It’s not as extreme as putting on that turban. To progs it might as well be though. I’m not going to try to dodge the issue here, it all revolves around the proper attunement to the Great Chain of Being.

As much as I have my vices, I don’t think there’s anything remotely like real asceticism in the west. My ascetic core is there and then I have vices to keep me alive basically. I really don’t see any attempt at all in this direction. It really is about reverence and suffering, and people tend to not be reverent enough to suffer.

Not a soul in the world has given me a more-than-human ideal to look up to, so I don’t see it as a human. “Even” Neechee I see as a human that is limited. I look at him similar to Muhammad that needs both Imams and living interpreters to understand.

The culture I’m living in has made it loud and clear they want to be niggers with no brains. That’s a fact. They hide it. It’s totalitarian. Is there any point in trying to stop them? They might as well already be niggers with no brains if that’s what they want. The best one can do is tell them what they are and get away from them. They’ll keep hiding, regardless of what you say. That is indeed their project. They are niggers with no brains who plan to be niggers with even less brains in the future. Is that a “society” you want to be part of? The surprising answer is that most people seem to say “Yes”.

Last night I had a dream I was being initiated into the higher mysteries of Sufism. I don’t think people care about that kind of thing. They care about the INVERSION of that. It’s not an exaggeration. They want the direct opposite, they want to be less than human and closer to animals.

As much as America is a “melting pot” I’ve always cared about the people here as “my volk”, and I don’t think there’s much hope for them. I range between sadness and bitterness about it. The ones at the top aren’t trying to “initiate you into mysticism” ahahahahahaaha sorry that’s funny to me, to have to say that. It really is the opposite. From the top of the human order on down the plan is to make you foggy in the mind.

I know exactly what the psychology of the upper echelon of our society is like. They are puppets like anyone, they’re just puppets who live in glamour. For the most part you should be thinking of weasels who you don’t see.

I can only hope you can trust I’m not some kind of sell-out, at this point. I genuinely want people to better understand ideas from philosophy and mysticism. The ones who are in charge of our society don’t want that.

It’s a team-effort. You can’t trust Jews to help you with this, and if you do then you’re a nigger. I’ve offered the goyim hundreds of green lights and they can’t do anything with it because they’re too animalistic. You missed the boat. You’re already a nigger and you’re going to be more of a nigger in the future.

I’ve suffered for them because I cared about them and I saw something in them. Their place in the grand scheme of things seems to point me to the turban option. Excuse my immodesty- even when someone from your ilk decided to be a pure philosopher and you were shown the dimensions of your slavery in stark detail you still decided to walk in shackles? There’s only one conclusion to draw from that. It’s your fate to be a subhuman. That’s the brightest your soul can shine. Meanwhile I see these people on the Farsinet who off the cuff and effortlessly seem more human than anyone in the US. What conclusion would you draw? To up the ante on hiding the grim details of your politics like a sad nigger that can’t accept it was born an animal? Spare me your answer to that, humble one.

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