Another day of talking to white niggers AHAHAHAAH! Do you want me to give you a rundown on the basics of the “dark underbelly” of American society? People hate you because they feel like they’re part of what you describe. I’m not tellin on anyone, I just like to know How Things Work. What precedes most everything is what I’ll call a “Jewish Guarantee” that you are free from sin. This is the real, important “business” they’re in. We know about their shekel hoarding- what the shekels are used for, that’s another question. I’m going to be an elementary school teacher here by the way, just kidding.

I’ve been meaning to write about the similarities and differences between Ibn Arabi and Abulafia, and this subject seems more pressing to me. Try not to get mad, try to just look at it in a detached way. There isn’t much sophistication of thought in most people’s minds. The “Jewish Guarantee” revolves around the issue of impulse-control. Every human being has at least some slight whisper of conscience, and the Jewish Guarantee allows for that to be silenced. Here’s something to cast light on what I’m speaking of- people were pretty doomed before social media and that’s ruined their minds even more. They’re capable of two sentence thoughts. That’s not a complex kind of thought. When people only have chatter thoughts it’s a sign of who they really are, and how sophisticated of a person they are. If you can only think in two sentence thoughts (IF THAT) then you don’t have much impulse-control or self-awareness. You’re basically born to be a frivolous person without much of anything of substance to say. And your actions likely reflect the lack of sophistication of your thoughts. It’s a life of one impulse to another.

In healthy societies there are different castes of people who look after the ones with no impulse-control. This idea that we’re all “individuals” is a fundamental mistake. Certain castes ARE the self-awareness of other castes. Some people are the “living self-awareness” of others who have none that is intrinsic to themselves. In most people self-awareness is entirely external. So, let’s talk about the Jewish Guarantee again. The Jews are an odd bunch, they’re a hybrid type of caste (and no, not all of them are the same, there’s a simply a pattern). They tend not to be as bound to their impulses as the idiot goyim (want to mince words or not?) Here’s the twist- they use their upper-caste strengths to forgive impulse-control. In a healthy society upper-caste strengths are used to discipline the impulses of the mindless rabble. In a healthy society there is a caste that is the “living voice of conscience”. In ours, Jews serve as the voice that tells you conscience doesn’t matter. You’re impulses and that’s good- the role of the Jews in our society is to inculcate that conviction.

So let’s use a controversial example why don’t we. A total dumpsterslut who is destined to be a failmom who raises a failure of a child is soothed by the Jewish Order that they are good, and that being a creature of impulses is forgiven. If you have the most intimate act with 50 strangers, guess what? The chances you’re going to end up a single mom are pretty high, because you’re sticky tape that doesn’t stick anymore. Do you think that’s an ideal childhood, to be raised by a single mom? That’s doing bad things to a kid if you ask me. That’s fine though, because being a creature of impulses is forgiven. I see whores as junkies. They go from one “fix” to another, all they care about in life is pleasure and living in the moment without thinking about the consequences. And the lack of conscience in our culture, exemplified by the Jew, tells them that’s a good thing. They take little Timmy to the side when his mommy is getting gangbanged by strangers and tell him that he needs to understand that all impulses need to be followed and that self-awareness is for Nazis. Hopefully he understands.

Or to take another example. All these white niggers who chatter about inane, irrelevant nothings all day for years on end hate to be told that they ought to push themselves to study loftier matters. They don’t like to be told their lack of sophistication of thought is reminiscent of some lowly animal. Thus they are happy with the Jewish Guarantee too, just like the dumpstersluts are. That’s not a good camp to be in, sport. You, whores, and kikes are all similar in a way – are you proud of that? Just relax, kick back, state your worthless two sentence thought as if it has any value at all, go ahead. See, this is an “impulse mind”, and the impulse mind loves Jewish forgiveness. What’s good for you is good for you and what’s good for me is good for me, and everyone’s happy that way, huh? It couldn’t be that you’re a lazy retard who’s similar in self-awareness to a whore or a jungle savage. No, never! Feel like reaching for that Jewish Guarantee card yet?

So, this is the reality of American society. You can go about your day and no one’s going to question you about anything that matters. Just get those zogbucks so you can bribe a hole to stick around for a while. Impulsively utter your two sentence thought regarding political matters or what have you in order to get it out of your system so that you feel like you’ve done your duty as a thinking being. And make sure to surround yourself with people exactly like you so that you don’t have any doubts about the lack of sophistication of your thoughts, and no guilt to improve them.

Sadly I only expect society to be all the more characterized by impulse as the years go on. If whites are already niggers now imagine when they’re half hut-dweller. One sentence thoughts, following one impulse after another, without any self-reflection at all. The future is clear. More whores in the future, more children being raised by whores, and being molded into creatures of impulse in their image. Suffice it to say I can see lots of “noise” on the horizon. That means lots of animal sentences which have no value- that’s going to be even more ubiquitous than it is already. Exchange a few animal sentences with someone who has a similar lack of self-awareness, play with some titties, hump a wet hole, rinse and repeat. All the while our cherished Chosen People cheering it all on. This is truly the messianic age that we’re heading toward, you should be excited.

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